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I had a contaminated needle stick at work(2 years later and I am fine, no conversion), but what amazed me was I was found to have a positive Hep A titer, and never remember being sick, and of all things a neg Hep B Titer, last shot in 86, so I had the series of 3 shots again.

There was no mention Of C, thank God.

I suggest getting hep B boosters every 10 years, that is what the I D doctor tole me.



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It is not surprising that you have a positive Hep A titer. Just this morning I was explaining this issue to a nurse here at work. Hep A is more common then the average health care worker realizes. You can pick it up in many food sources, needle sticks are not a common way to acquire it. I have recommended Hep A vaccine for any travelers within the US since the vaccine came out.

It appears that Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices is beginning to catch up to me and is now recommending Hep A vaccine for "persons with medical, behavioral, occupational, or other indications" which I identify as travel in the US and frequent use of restaurants.


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I have been hearing conflicting information about the vaccine. Some people even still say there is no Hepatitis A vaccine. Others say it is only for children. I was somewhat confused.

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There IS a Hepatitis A vaccine. My husband and step-daughter have received the first of a series of two vaccinations required though immunity starts weeks after the 1st shot.

We had my teen step-daughter vaccinated on the advice of a travel specialist MD in anticipation of her trip to the wetlands of Brazil for a mission trip. It was explained to us that Hep A is endemic in third world and developing nations.

My husband and I are going on a similar mission trip later this year to the wetlands of Brazil and so he was started on his Hep A series. I didn't need to be vaccinated as I HAD the disease as a child living in Brazil (parent were and are missionaries). So I know personally how prevalent the disease is. It hasn't affected my health in any way long-term though from what I've been told I cannot donate blood now or organs later.

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