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too late for the residency program


I have messed up. I waited too long to start looking for jobs and now all the residency programs for new nurses are not available. I'm scared I really messed up.

Please does anyone have any advice. I will graduate May 2015.

Please Please Please help

I'm sort of freaking out.


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(a) see if anyone in your college's career office can help

(b) apply for them anyway

© apply for non-residency jobs. Try ones that say "1-3 years experienced required." Some hospitals will hire new grads into these and train you as they would anyone else with a preceptor - sans the annoying residency stuff.

(d) try for a job outside the hospital. Some hospitals will consider you for residencies if you have no hospital experience. Try again 2016.

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See if they offer residencies throughout the year. I was considered a new grad for a year after graduation and I started a residency in Feb.

Lots of places offer residency programs at different times. Maybe try expanding your search to different areas.