at 51, is it too late to even try?



I have always wanted to be a registered nurse ever since I can remember. But no matter how hard i tried, life happened i.e. like making excellent grades at one point, being married, having three great wonderful young adult people in my life, recently divorced as well. I have over ten years of healthcare experience in various hospital departments like ER, Mother/Baby, Labor & Deliver, ICU, NICU, CCU and Antepartum. Is it too late at my age to try again for my dream or should i just give up? To be honest, im just scared because of all of the competition to get into nursing school these days are just awful. Thank you so much for reading and continued blessings to all of you!


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If I were you I would do the private school straight shot to get my RN. I think doing it slowly class by class will take too long.

School is not a waste of time, time will pass no matter what. In 10 years you can be 60 with a RN or 60 without a RN. You choose!


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It's not too late at all!

Both the first program I started in and the one I'm currently in had people of all ages - late teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s. If it's really what you want to do, go for it! The competition can be difficult, but I don't think age would really play into that as long as you meet the requirements (though in a competitive program, you'll likely have to have a lot higher than the minimum requirements - but I don't think age really plays a role in that).


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Its never too late to chase your dreams. In our class the youngest student is 21 and the eldest will be 57, and we all have different "luggage." Some of my classmates have had a few different careers previously, been homemakers their entire lives, or have been chasing nursing since graduating high school.

I have been approached more than a few times by students who ask how nursing school is and, given their personal backgrounds, should they even bother trying to get into nursing school. I tell them all the same thing: if this is what you want and you have the determination to chase it then go for it. Do not wait or wonder what may have been. Good luck to you.


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I was 48 when I finished nursing school (BSN). Your healthcare experience will make it easier to understand medical terms in the classes, plus clinicals should be less stressful as compared to students that haven't spent any time on a nursing unit. As long as you are focused and dedicated, you shouldn't have an issue.

Go for it!!