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Last minute advice for new nursing student!

by xxkmpxx xxkmpxx (Member)

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I start a week from tommorrow. Seriously, the rumors around my whole city is that the teachers are just plain mean to say the least. I'm pretty scared and stressed out. Not to mention I'm covered in ink (I will be wearing a long sleeve white turtleneck under scrubs but I'm sure they will still see the ink when I'm washing my hands). But I'm paranoid that my teachers will think worse of me because of all my ink (silly I know). I plan on being humble, sitting in the very front in the middle so they know I'm there to pay attention, being respectful and always listening, etc...

Does anyone else have any tips on how to survive and come off as a good student (obviously I will be studying a ton too!) ???

Hi, I'm in my second semester of my freshman year of nursing. I was really scared to, I'm an older student. You need to be really organized, because they are going to throw so much at you it is hard to keep it together. Always be prepared for the next class. That way if they call on you, you will know the answer. Just be you're self. You will meet alot of great people,I know I did and they feel the same way. Just know you are there for one reason, to become a nurse. Your hard work will show the teachers you mean business. Hope this helps. Good Luck!!

Breath!!!!!!! It is hectic and sometimes it seems no matter how much or hard you study the answer is just not the one you choose. Be proactive, if you are not grasping something talk to your teacher. Ask as many questions as possible. Pay attention in class - dont be one of those students too busy talking or texting that you dont get what the instructor is trying to teach AND THEN turn around and fail a test and b$tch about it. You get out what you put in. Sure there will be times youve put full effort and still do bad on a test, but learn from it and talk to your teachers. Best of luck


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So I'm no prude, but it took me quite a while to figure out what the heck you meant by "ink." I thought you were scared of getting pen ink on your white uniforms or something. I'm thinking...way to overreact lol.

So here's my opinion. Nursing instructors (hopefully) have a wealth of experience working with, teaching and caring for all kinds of people. People who look a little different or believe different things. I doubt you'll be the first tattooed student or nurse they've , and I doubt you'll be last. And some of them were probably amazing.

Don't sweat it. They'll give you enough to stress about soon enough. Just be yourself. Stay organized. If you get unorganized, it's ok. Just reorganize. Ask for help if you need it BEFORE it's too late. Be creative with your resources. Try YouTube or any number of the extra books recommended on this site. Take good notes and save them all. Remember that all the work will pay off in the end :)


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First off - RELAX!! I just started my 4th semester of RN coursework and I have to say, the whole experience hasn't been as bad as everyone claimed. Don't get freaked out by the rumors; everyone always says RN school is super hard, the teachers are so mean, and the nurses at clinicals won't help you, ect... Yes, it's hard, some teachers will be better than others - same with the nurses, but you will survive! You got in, you'll be fine :) Study hard & enjoy the ride because it will be over before you know it!

My advice is to stay two steps ahead on reading and school work. For me, if I fall behind, it is a struggle to catch up. Good luck to you!

Don't listen to rumors; wait until you meet your teachers to decide what you think of them! It isn't fair to judge them based on hearsay.

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I graduated in December and am working as an RN now. My advice? Just do what works for you. I always sat smack dab in the middle, because after an hour or so, my attention span is gone and I'm on my phone playing games. I never asked questions during class. If I had an issue or question, I went to my instructor's office. I always came to my clinical days prepared, and I got there early. I'm not a great student, in all honesty. I work better by teaching myself the material, and the only reason I attended lectures was because I had to. Yet at graduation, I was given the most awards, one of which was the most coveted, and I never really made any effort to get any award, I was a second career student just wanting to graduate. You don't have to be the hardest working student, or the brightest, you just have to be professional in the clinical setting, and you need to be prepared. Just my two cents.


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Thanks excellent advice. I met some teachers already and already I think those were just rumors about teachers being so mean. Feeling better about it but just nervous about passing school!