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Laser Hair RN pay in Ohio. 20% commission/no hourly

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I was recently offered 20% commission only (no hourly wage) to perform Laser Hair Removal at a medspa (ran by an MD on site) for the start up of the laser hair removal portion of her business. (With potential to add on injections, hormone, weight loss etc etc etc in time...) She wants me to market (aka bring in my own clients). I am trying to break into the cosmetic field of nursing and would love this deal IF it included an hourly wage. Can you all please tell me your personal experiences? How much do you make hourly, where do you live do you get commission, do you offer other services also? Are you full or part time. Are you expected to bring in your own clients. Pros for me: breaking into the cosmetic field, obtaining some training and gaining experience for my resume... Thank you!

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what would be the dollar amount of your commission? That makes a huge difference.

All depends on the service sold. The more I think about it, if I am doing marketing to gain my own client base, 20% is not adequate.

I wouldn't even consider a 20 percent offer if you are doing the marketing and the procedures. You are basically an independent contractor at that stage.

You would have to bring in 250,000 in business to make 50,000.

What percent do you think would be worth it?

The plus side is getting experience and breaking into the field. Once you can put that on your resume, you can take your experience elsewhere for better pay after 6-12 mos (if that is an option for you). I did something similar breaking into my field of choice.

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Well they would certainly be profiting off of you. Will they offer you any free benefits? If all you are getting is 20% I'd keep looking or only do this on a very part time basis. That's a whole lot of work for little pay.