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Landing a RN position with Alberta Health Services

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Hey nurses.

So I'm thinking of moving to Airdrie, Alberta in the near future. How easy is it to land a RN job with AHS as an external applicant? I'm currently in Saskatchewan and it's relatively easy to get a job here.

Wanna read your experiences. Thank you!


Has 18 years experience.

  • Kenney is gunning for AHS. Wants to cut all healthcare wages.
  • Has promised no lay off until after May 30th, up until then management is working on an attrition of staff, so no replacements.
  • Some people have been trying to get into AHS 18+ months and those are local grads


Has 13 years experience.

It’s very very very hard to get into AHS. I Know of causals within AHS who have been applying for 2+years to get a line with no luck. Also, our current government is against public health and we are going to see cuts to front line nurses- LPNs and RNs in the near future.
Things are not good here for nurses.

I would say stay in Saskatchewan. I have nurse friends in Alberta and things are not looking good there in terms of nursing jobs. A lot of Albertan new grads have been going to BC as well. Only move if you have a job offer.

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There will likely be layoffs soon for nurses.  Most jobs are casual and part time.