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hi y'all! this is my first post!

I am graduating nursing school May 16, 2014!!! I am attending an ADN program.

I was offered my dream nursing job on the Progressive Cardiac Unit at the hospital in my hometown. I am over the moon excited and I am accepted. I will be working full time night shift. It is exactly what I wanted:)

However I am stressing!!!!!!! Graduating is going to be no problem for me, it is the NCLEX that i am freaking out over, ALREADY!!! If I do not pass the first time then I will have to reapply for a job. Any advice on how not to stress and freak out??? I have always done well in school and I know how to study.

What should I be focusing on? Graduation or NCLEX? or split my time in half with both???

Thanks ladies!! -Caroline


102 Posts advice is to take Kaplan review course. It will help. Study but don't try to memorize. Try to understand the problem presented. ABCs always to answer a question or the nursing process ex: assess implement etc. ask yourself those first when reading the multiple choice. Everything can be the right answer but u need the best answer that will keep pt alive.


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Also check out the nclex discussion forum. It helped me so much a few yrs back. Read ppl questions and the responses and diff study guides are on here for the nclex which were so helpful to me. Helped me pass along with Kaplan

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Well if you don't graduate you can't take the NCLEX. Common sense would say worry about graduating.

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Congratulations on landing a job before graduating!

I started my first year on a Progressive Care Unit, an acute critical care floor that is a stepdown from ICU. You will learn A LOT!

We can easily say to you not to stress, but knowing your new job is pending you passing your NCLEX will be stressful as is. So, my advice is take a deep breath and focus, focus, focus. Everything is fresh in your head so taking it as early as you can will only benefit you.

Good luck.


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Congrats on the job!

I say focus your energy on passing your finals so you can graduate, then take 2 weeks off just to relax, and then dedicate about a month to studying for NCLEX. I took Hurst review for NCLEX which I thought was really good but I have also heard great things about Kaplan. I chose Hurst over Kaplan because it was about $200 cheaper : )


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I love this combination.

I haven't taken the NCLEX yet lol but I am using this combo.

ALSO: What state are you from? I am from CA and I have applied to about 17 jobs with no answer :( I am willing to relocate pretty much anywhere as long as the pay/cost of living ratio equates to a decent lifestyle.

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Ummm. NCLEX wasn't so difficult that two review classes were necessary. If you aren't always on the verge of failing then you will do just fine. Remember that like 85% of people pass on the first try.


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thank you! yes I am all signed up for Kaplan starting right after I graduate!


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I am from VA, the hospital in my city has a new grad intern program...I applied to it, and was selected for first interviews, then the second interview I had was with my top unit I applied for. I thought about doing both but they are the same week as each other, and my school is offering us a free ATI live review, which is similar to hurst. So i am doing the ATI and kaplan...I am going to be taking the NCLEX mid june! soooo needless to say I am still in panic mode. I have a 28% chance of failing the first time according to ATI, which keeps up with our progress.


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Thank you so much!

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