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Hello I'm starting a post for those who are applying to the Lamar University nursing program in Beaumont, Tx for the Spring of 2019.

Specializes in Vents, Telemetry, Home Care, Home infusion.

Hope a member from this program sees this wishes on your nursing journey.

Thank you so much!!

I just took the HESI and dropped off my application today!! I've been searching on here to find information on competitive HESI scores and GPAs to see what my odds of getting accepted are. There is a really good thread from students entering the program this fall.

I've been searching too! But didn't have any luck finding any! So I started one. I take my hesi the 14th!!! I'm super nervous!! How did you do on HESI??

I made a 93 overall. I just don't know how that ranks with other applicants. I went to an open house at UTHealth and they said a competitive score would be in the high 90's for them.

Omg that's awesome!!! What about your GPA? I'm at a 4.0 for science and 3.5 overall.

Have you taken Patho and theories?

I think my gpa is the same. I know science is 4.0 and I think overall is 3.5-3.6. I'm signed up to take both in the fall. I'm taking micro and nutrition in the fall too. Good luck on your hesi!!

Thank you! So we will probably be together for those classes. I just finished microbiology yesterday. It was a good class!! Sucks we have to wait until the end of November! :/ lol

The other post like this from the people who are starting in the fall said they weren't supposed to hear until July but most of them knew in April so maybe it will be sooner. I'm hoping at least because waiting is going to kill me.

Are you applying at other schools?

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