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Hey everyone~

Does anyone know if Lakeside hospital hires new grads in L&D? For that matter does anyone know of any hospital in the New Orleans area that do? I've only talked to Tulane and W.J. so far and both of them say nopes, for L&D and PP. I really want to go straight into either L&D or PP after graduation but I'm wondering if I'm dreaming big dreams. Thanks!


Hi ItsyBitsy,

From what I have heard (and saw) it's sometimes more of a hit or miss thing. If you happen to be at the right place at the right time.

Even if they tell you "no" still put in your application, and specify L&D. Who knows, when they get short they just may call you up. Even if you go part time or PRN at first, it is a matter of getting your foot in the door.

I had a friend with NO actual hospital experience (except clinicals, 4 years early), that was doing medicare/medicaid paperwork at a nursing home apply in L&D at a hospital, now she has been there for a year as PRN and just DELIVERED her 5th baby! (the doctor was "on the way") Of course, she went through 3 months orientation. She was asking me, a student, if she could look at my OB book. She just happened to have put her application in at several hospitals and lucked up when this one got short handed in L&D. Don't let anyone discourage you - network & send resumes!

Keep trying,

Good LUCK!

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Thanks so much for your encouraging words! I think I will do just that. I don't graduate until May but I really want to start to tech somewhere and get some kind of OB experience. It's funny when the nurses ask to look at our books isn't it. That's why I'm keeping all of mine cause I do think they'll come in handy. Thanks again!

J Lynn

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I would think it would be easy to get a job as a tech in the specialty that you want, then make the transition onto that unit as a nurse. That way, the unit manager will see what you are made of. I wish I had done that, now I'm having trouble finding a job as a new grad. Everyone wants experience....well, give it to me, please :o .

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JLynn~ thats exactly what I'm afraid will happen if I don't get my foot in the door now. I know most hospitals want experience with certain departments (particularly L&D where I want to be), the question is, how do you get there?It is easy to find a tech position, just not in L&D or PP, which is where I want to be when I graduate. Good luck to you.

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