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Laid off

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Any other nurses laid off due to Covid 19? It seems like a crazy idea but I was laid off this week. I am still in shock. I work pediatrics outpatient/primary care and we had a dramatic decrease in patients coming to office. In fact we stopped doing well visits for anyone over 12 months. I work for a private one doctor practice but we are part of a large group of physicians associated with one of the best children’s hospital in the country ( if not the world). That group provides guidelines and how to practice. We have switched to virtual visits for most sick and follow up appointments, we are not to see any patients with Respiratory symptoms unless we have all required PPE....which we do not. We each were just given one N95 mask at the end of last week. I bought safety glasses at the hardware store. We did not any gowns. Our phone calls have increased dramatically but we don’t get income from phone calls. Anyway the doctor decided to drop the open hours to only 3 a day and do everything herself so she doesn’t have to pay us. I am now collecting unemployment..... I was initially in shock! It’s been a few days so I am adjusting and looking on the bright side..... I get to be home with my college kids but do feel so weird not working. Stay safe out there.

Hi there!

I work at a fertility clinic (private care) but in Canada so we can bill MSP for appointments. Treatment is considered non-essential, so we have transitioned to telemedicine. Since there is little money coming in we had to lay off staff and reduced hours.

I'm still quite young so I am taking it quite hard, in terms of not having full time hours. I do not have young kids or elderly to worry about at home. So I'm very conflicted if I should try looking for a hospital job or lay low and stay safe during this time...

Best wishes to you and everyone!


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It seems crazy to me! Why we don't have protocols in place to move RNs to an area that needs them, is beyond mind blowing.


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What city are u in?