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Laguardia Community College fall 2020

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Hey guys! I am currently waiting for laguardia to send out the acceptance letters. I applied back in February and we won't hear back anything until about July 14th . The wait is driving me crazy , iv been trying to keep my mind occupied. I have been looking for other allnurses forums to see if anyone else has applied for this 2020 fall semester. All I can find are older ones with not many replies. I got tired of waiting so I decided to start up the conversation myself ! If anyone who is applying for the 2020 LPN OR RN program sees this please comment ! LaGuardia is only taking 60 people this application period I would love to chat and see how many people are also waiting, or if anyone else is looking to exchange gpas since the TEAS won't be counted this time around .

Hi! I'm a student at Laguardia too, I applied for LPN program Spring 2020, currently taking SCB203 and Math 106, I'm so nervous! SCB 203 it's hard, maybe getting a B- and for math 106 for sure A, I already took physiology and got A- and English 101 I got C unfortunately šŸ˜ž I'm so scared of not getting in... Let's see what happens. I hope this Spring is not so competitive.

Hey! Thank you soo much for replying. I was beginning to think no one would . I also applied for the LPN. I finished all of the pre requisites and the other classes we needed to take, so I have nothing to do but wait. My grades are

scb 203 C+ , Mat 106 A , psychology B- and English 101 A- .

I'm very worried, anxious and scared mostly because of my scb 203. I'm even more on edge because they won't be looking at the TEAS this semester. I was really depending on my TEAS to push me up a bit on the list . The email said they are taking the top 60 students who knows how many people applied ! I see there are more then 100 views on this page. We have about 2 more months of waiting. keeping busy and saying positive is what iv been trying to do . The days go pretty slow sometimes. But I heard we will wish we had downtime when we get accepted so I'm also enjoying this opportunity to get my head ready for the program . Also goodluck to you with scb 203!

Yeah exactly! They won't be looking at the TEAS exam, but we got this, let's stay positive! I agree with you, the days go pretty slow sometimes and that makes me more nervous! Nursing is something I always wanted to do, actually I want to do RN but my advisor told me to do the "pathway" later on, so I decided to do LPN first. Not sure how to repeat anatomy or English to improve my grade and apply again if I don't get accepted into the program, because as I know, we can repeat a course with C- and below. Anyways let's pray for everyone, I'll see you around if we both get accepted! and Thank You so much.

I had originally applied for the RN Spring 2020, but I am currently taking Chemistry SCC110 and it is a very difficult class. It is possible to still get an A, but the tests are getting more difficult.

My grades are

ENG101 - A
SSY101 - A
SCC 110 - Currently taking
SCB203 - A-
SCB 204 - Will take in Spring 2
MTH 106 - A
SSY 240 - A

I received a letter stating they are only accepting the top 40 students for RN and only 5 people on a waiting list. With the TEAS being not required, there should be a lot more applications. I know at least 10 prospective RN candidates who told me that they have a 4.0. (Granted some people do lie about their GPAs šŸ™‚ ) Even if I get an A in Chemistry, there is no guarantee I will be accepted to the RN. I decided to change to LPN and apply even though my advisor disagreed with my decision.

I changed my major to LPN, applied for LPN Candidacy for Spring 2020 and withdrew my RN Candidacy. I was able to change my major through the Health Science department even though the date listed to change your major had passed. (probably allowed because they changed the date of the candidacy deadline.)

I received an email that the LPN candidates with be emailed an acceptance/rejection notifications the week of July 27th (tentatively).

I was a little confused by the person who posted that they are only taking 60 students into the LPN program because in the SCL 101 (the Intro to Nursing class for LPNs), there 3 classes in the schedule for Fall 2020. Among the three classes, there are 112 spots available for students. If 60 is the correct number, then the only thing I can think of are students from a previous semester who withdrew and are given a second chance. I heard the department does allow this.

I wish all Candidates in the LPN, RN and LPN to RN the best of luck.

Hello! well as I can see your grades are not bad, I agree with your advisor, I think it would have been better if you continued with RN, as I said, your grades are not so bad, of course the program is very competitive, but in my opinion I think you have a big chance to get into RN. However, the decision is made, I think you will be one of the students who will be accepted into LPN! your chance is high. Best of luck to you!

Im applying for RN candidacy for fall2020.

GPA 4.0

Key course

ENG101 A

SCC110 on progress

SCB203 on progress

SSY101 A

Other class

ENG102 A

SCN195 A

Getting so nervous, same here.

I was receiving an email said they only accept 40students with 5 waitlist.

Iā€™m a LPN I would like to apply for the bridge program but I have to redo my sciences first. But Iā€™m curious... is it really competitive for LPNā€™s to get into the bridge program?


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Did anyone get into the program?

Yeah I got into the program, anyone else??

Unfortunately, I was not accepted into LPN....


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5 minutes ago, Odalis said:

Unfortunately, I was not accepted into LPN....

I also sign for lpn. I was put into waiting list I think... They said there were not enough seats right now and the people who Had first 16 ranked places might have chance To get into the program if there is available space by august. I was ranked 5th. Iā€™m a little confused. I thought only 5 people were put on waiting list not 16.