Labs for pneumonia and hypoxia?

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Just curious, did they tell you that the pt had pneumonia, or are you just assuming that the the pt has pneumonia because the the O2 sat is low? Because unless they told you that the pt had pneumonia, your approach to the clinical situation may be kind of different.

They told us the medical dx is pneumonia and hypoxia. SpO2 on room air is less than 75%. On ordered O2 by nasal cannula, the sp02 shoots up to 99%-100%. After about 30 seconds of removing the nasal cannula, the sp02 drops to below 75 %.


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Um, ABGs to determine any form of metabolic or respiratory acid or alkalosis, overload of CO2, decrease of O2 etc...

WBC for infection or inflammation.

Pulse ox for venous measurement of SpO2

Sputum sample for C&S to determine the infectious agent and therefore appropriate abx

Chest x-ray to determine location of pneumonia and confirmation.

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