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LA area lpn schools? Coming from FL


I am moving to LA in Sept I wanted to get the low down on some of the accredited trade schools in the LA area. I did my home work and found a few but they all want me to fly out to tour campus. NO WAY could afford that right now, yikes!

I am interested in cost, wait lists, instructors, anything!

PM me if you don't want to post. Thx!:yeah:

My daughter graduated from Casa Loma College at the Van Nuys campus. The cost is in the vicinity of $24,000. They arrange for people to get student loans. Not much else to say because her impressions of the program are rather dated, almost five years ago.

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there are some lvn schools within the community colleges. when you become a resident of this state (you must live here one year), the tuition at the community colleges is only $20 a credit hour. i would imagine that there are a few pre-requisites and a waiting list to get into these lvn programs which would cover that one-year time to establish residency. residency is proved through the state id or driver's license, so upon moving here, get that asap. you can either stand in one of the long lines at a dmv office (and i mean long) or make an appointment online which will be about 3 weeks from what you want if you are lucky. if i recall, when you get the license or id they do ask you what date you came into the state and that is officially entered on the id or license along with the date the id and license is issued to you.

here is the weblink to the official state board list of lvn training programs in california:

I know Simi Valley adult school has a program and it's only 4,500 but you must go through a interview and take a test and you must be a CNA, CPR, have medical terminology. I'm currently in the one in Ventura not exactly in LA area but so far so good . They let you retake midterms and finals!!!:D

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I attended Casa Loma College, located in Van Nuys (15 miles north of downtown Los Angeles). The tuition in 2005 for their full-time program was $20,000.

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