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To all Nurses who work L/D or any where. Why is it that between the hours of midnight and 6 am there is no significant pt. problems until 7am ? (After you have notified the physician & supervisor or ect. all night).

I truly enjoy the work that I do. BUTTTTT

what is medical school turning out ? Thankless and thoughtless people? Who seem not to value experienced clinical and judgment!!! ??????

I just spent the entire shift with a patient whom desired a labor / delivery without an epidural. She did great, only to have after 3 hooours of pushing in every position known to man, a physician whom questioned every aspect of care and management ( after a nights sleep )

Should I add she was only 4'7 125 lbs pregnant and OH YA delivered a 9 lb baby posterior with apgars of 8/9 . What a WOMAN

She did a marvelous job and will never truly understand that her physician wanted to do a c/section at 7 am (Heavy OR Scedule starting at 7:30 am)

Sometimes I just get so frustrated of trying to beat the clock of tight schedules and physician convience. There sometimes seems to be a real lack of team effort anymore.

Patients are getting short changed.

I just hope and PRAY that God gives me the Strength, Courage and HUMBLENESS to keep going on with my chosen profession.

I guess I just needed a VENT. Thanks to all who have read this and let me know how you are doing to .



Most doc's (and a lot of OB nurses!) can't fathom that someone would want to labor without drugs, and lots of medical intervention...never mind that it's usually better for mom, baby, and the family!! We seem to have drifted away from high touch to high touch...and L&D is one area that NEEDS to be high touch!! Scared women and families sometimes just need a reassuring pat on the back, or a back rub...or even a smile!! I can relate to feeling frustrated with the way things are; at times it feels like you're nursing the paperwork, instead of your clients!!!!!

Good luck to you; and keep venting!! It keeps you sane!!!! smile.gif

you must ,of course,remember that you are a night nurse and by definition that means you are the village idiot.every one that works in ldr knows that only the day nurses really know what they are doing.we work nights because we are too stupid to function after seven am. epidurals,don't get me started!women have been having babies for millions of years without anesthesia but all of a sudden,even multips at 8-9 cms are being encouraged to not feel any thing-the one thing that helps the mother stay in control of her own body and birth her baby without interference.i have worked l&d since 1974 and been in nursing since 1965, but since i don't ever want to work days,i must be some kind of freek.some residents need to learn that delivering a baby is what the mother does,not the doctor!my daughter started nursing school but had to leave do to her family situation-i'm just as happy she decided to become a pharmacist instead.i wouldn't do it again-i'd rather be a truck driver instead!feeling very burned out at the boston mecca grainneBeag


I've been an L&D and Childbirth Educator (LCCE) since 1980 & 1982 respectively. I can understand why many L&D nurses are frustrated. The high-tech environment of many units seems to lead us into merely becoming paper-slaves or nurses to machinery. Just keep in mind that "high-tech" will never replace "high-touch" and offer the women and their families the same kind of care you would want for yourselves and your daughters.



I'm being nosy. It's interesting reading all the vents.

I find L/D sooo interesting. I had a baby 14 months ago. My Labor R.N. was EXCELLENT. She was sooo understanding. I ended up having a C-section. I was put on a seperate unit. (where c-section patients and high-risk patient went) It was so nice, the R.N. went to drop by this other unit and say,"HI!!" I was so happy to see her there. I went back after returning to work, but she'd quit. I had a box of chocolates and a note of appreciation.

I just wanted to write you're very appreciated. (L&D nurses)

P.S. Regarding epidurals. My epidural was a great experience. I went from 5-10 c.m. in 1 1/2 hours. I'd do it again. Thanks for being open-minded and understanding, of patients needs smile.gif

I too am frustrated with the increasing use of epidurals and pitocin on our unit. It seems to me that the only natural births are those experinced by a multip who arrives on the unit at 9cms. Our C-Section rate is over 30%, and I truly believe only one out of ten sections are medically warrented. Our Docs seem to determine the need for a section based upon the time of day, their schedules, and convienence. I am so tired of arguing with doctors over pit inductions! We need to get back to the basics in child birth, and do what we were trained to do and do best!!!

That is bond with our patient and guide her through labor, not hook her up to our fancy machines and fill out paperwork for 8 hrs. I will keep trying to make a difference one day at a time, this may be futile, but I will not give up!!!!!



Was very impressed by ALL the postings...Caseyrnbsn vent away any time....it can help/certainly can't hurt...grainneBEAG- I was a night nurse for 12yrs...and your take was right on!

Hi to all you wonderful, underpaid and underappreciated nurses. I hope you realize that MOST patients DO appreciate everything you do, even if they're in too much pain to express it. I am not a nurse, but am planning to begin an ADN program in either the Fall of 2000 or the Spring of 2001. You may call me crazy, but I am very disillusioned with my career of the past 14 years--Computer Graphics. I have a BA degree in Fine Art, but as I earned it in 1984, I'll have to take all the basic courses all over again (English, Science, Math, Chemistry, etc...). I am 37, and have two girls--one is 3.5, one is 7 months old. I fully intended to try natural childbirth with BOTH, but experienced such EXCRUCIATING back labor with both that I had to ask for the epidural. I hope to have at least one more baby, and will try to go natural again, but we'll see if my body cooperates... I just want to say that at the hospital where I gave birth--Anne Arundel Medical Center, in Annapolis, MD--my OB/GYNs NEVER pushed me to get the epidurals. I suffered through the pain as long as I could stand it (27.5 hours with the first, about 18 hours with the second), but had to accept my body was not going to give me "normal" contractions (in the front)...and back labor, as any of you who have experienced it well know, is HORRENDOUS! However, the nurses and doctors were always wonderful, and left it up to me to decide what I needed. They never pushed anything on me or suggested rushing me into the operating room for a C-Sect. I had my first by C-Section because she was facing my hip and wouldn't turn her head to come through my pelvic opening. She was 7.5 pounds. My second was born lady partslly, at 5 lbs 11 ozs (I was very stressed the 2nd pregnancy), but needed suction to get her out. She was also under distress and needed to be revived, as the umbilical cord had been wrapped around her neck twice. My OB with her told me that my pelvic opening was very narrow, so had she been much larger, I would have likely needed another C-Section. Anyway, they were both unforgettable but wonderful experiences, each for their own unique incidents, but also just because they were MY babies being born. I just want to say that I hope to specialize in Maternal/Baby care, as I'd love to help new moms during their recuperation and as they get to know their new babies, and I love babies...PERIOD! If you experienced nurses have a suggestion for a better specialty, please don't hesitate to email me. I'd love suggestions and feedback!

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