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Do most of the L & D travelers out there circulate your own C sections? Are you required to have ACLS cert? I am wondering if not having this experience would severely restrict my travel opportunities.


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I'm not a L&D nurse but I can answer your questions I think. No, you don't have to be able to circulate although that is a plus. I'm an OR nurse and I've done many assignments where none of the L&D staff scrub or circulate. The demand for L&D is so high, that it won't impede getting travel assignments one bit. Most hospitals do not require ACLS for L&D, but some do. That also will not stop you from getting travel assignments, but it is a plus if you have it - in that just like circulating, it will give you access to assignments that require it. So yes to restricting choices, but not enough to matter.

Thanks Ned. I am in a position now where I have the opportunity to obtain both circulating training and ACLS. The desire to start traveling is strong, but If I don't train now I probably won't get the chance unless I am staff.


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ACLS you can get anywhere. Circulating you probably will not be able to pick up traveling. At least, not a safe competence in my estimation unless you luck into an opportunity on assignment for full training. Learning by watching someone else won't do it, you cannot acquire a surgical conscience that way.


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Like Ned said, ACLS you can get anywhere anytime. A decent agency might even reimburse you or pay for you to get it while you are traveling. As far as circulating, I travel in OB and recently did an assignment on an LDRP unit in a smaller hospital and they were open to cross training while on assignment there. Rare, but it can happen, especially if the staffing need is high enough. They might just request that you extend your contract so they can make "use" of your newly acquired skill :)


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I am currently on my 2nd assignment for L&D, and have not been required to circulate my own c sections. Only because the charting was way different from what they usually use. They dont schedule me any c sections, nor do they give me a pt that may go for a section.

I'm an LD traveler and I circulate all the time. I don't scrub though. I had an assignment last year where I was in the OR pretty much daily. I don't know if it was required for me to circulate but I honestly don't know how that assignment would've gone if I couldn't circulate for whatever reason. That particular hospitals section rate was over 60%. And I got my ACLS to travel. I never needed it as staff. I specifically have OB ACLS though.


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Amazing I never heard of ACLS-OB before. It appears to be integrated into a full ACLS course and certification. I've never heard of it being required before but it's a nice resume booster!


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I did travel nursing for 2 years in l&d. 2 out of the 4 assignments required ACLS, circulating experience and PACU.