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I was wondering if CNAs are used widely in labor and delivery. If so, what do they do? I am interested in being in the L&D section, but I dont know what occupation to pursue. I thought the certified nurses assistant would give me a chance to see if I enjoy the aspect of nursing. Please let me know.

-Future CNA?


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Some places use them and others don't. My experience has been that CNA's don't do much patient care, they just deal with equipment mostly. Sometimes they do things like help a patient get up to the bathroom or something, but usually not.

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The one CNA position in our L and D is the unit secretary. She also does the labs.


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I work as a labor doula (if you'd like to know more about what that is, visit http://www.dona.com) - a professional childbirth assistant. I've worked as one for the last 5 years and I can't remember seeing one CNA or AUA working in any of the L&D units in this area. Aside from taking someone to the restroom, there's really not too much for a CNA to do.

Keep in mind, this is just in my area.



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No CNA's here either in L&D or PP. We do have "support techs", but they are more like unit clerks, entering orders, answering phones, stocking, etc.

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