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Kudos to Nurses!


Greetings Everyone,

I just wanted to take a moment to give thanks and kudos to all nurses. I am currently getting ready to begin an ABSN program, I have a Masters in Education and a Bachelors in Business. I was making just over six figures a year when I had a life changing experience because of great nurses. Ironically, when I began college at 18, I began to work on a BSN from a CSU but moved to Fairbanks, Alaska (to follow my boyfriend) and had to change my major.

About three years ago I woke up at 4:00am to get things ready for work, I finished and decided to nap until 6:30. When I awoke at 6:30 I was ill, fever, vomiting, and feeling horrible. I tried to go to work but couldn't even walk a straight line. Long story short my mom came over to check on me at about 3:30 pm and called 911. At the emergency room they found out I was septic. I was in and out, I woke up to have IV's in me and a folley (glad I was out of it for that), and a blood pressure of 56/34.

Now, I LOVE my doctor; have had him for 15 years. He was on the ball and a really great person too. But....I loved my nurses. I kept trying to get up to use the restroom and couldn't figure out why I couldn't walk; I know now why but when you're in that state you just don't get it. I had to use a bedpan. The first time I 'did my business' in a bedpan I cried and kept saying "I'm sorry" as the nurse came in to gather it, clean me up, and check my folley. He was so great; he held my face in his hands and said 'don't be sorry. I've been a nurse for 20 years. Its ok. I'm here to take care of you'.

I know many times nurses are not appreciated, but I want you to know that this changed my life. I medically retired from my position (I had to take high doses of Cipro for 18 months and get blood transfusions) and now am fulfilling my original dream....I am going to nursing school.

So, even when times are tough just know that you are loved and appreciated. For six weeks I was in the ICU and I had a nurse just steps away from me, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Thank you for all you do!

Good luck in nursing school! Thanks for the appreciation. When you're out and working don't forget about your bedpan experience :)


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foley not folley glad your following your dream!!!

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Glad you made it! Your illness, as bad as it was, will make you a better nurse. You will know what it is like to be on the other side of the bedrails.


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You know, sometimes all it takes is a small little gesture like him taking your face in his hands and assuring you it is all ok that makes a world of difference.

I know I am totally guilty of overlooking the small little comfort measures because of the fast paced, often high acuity and workload of the ER. But as best as I can I try and provide the extra "touch" of a warm blanket or just a hand on their shoulder to let the pt's know I do care.

Reminds me of the other night. Had a young girl who overdosed. She was a good kid. She was truly, clinically depressed. My heart hurt for her to see her so sad. I often don't let myself get involved emotionally too often but she tugged at my heart strings. I have a hx of major depression and overcame anorexia a few years back. Although I never share my personal life with my pts EVER I wanted her to know I understood. Towards the end of my shift I went in and sat beside her on her bed. I did what were not really supposed to do but I promised her it would be ok. In the midst of her feeling helpless and hopeless she asked me how I knew. I told her because I have been there. I told her I understood what it was like to feel sad and to want to kill that pain on the inside. She smiled. (The first sign of life I saw out of her in the 6 hours she was with me in the ED.) And she said "you do understand". She sat up and gave me the biggest hug and thanked me. THOSE are the moments I am reminded why I am a nurse. Because we really do make a difference in other's lives. I can't describe this interaction between us but I felt good that I could offer her a glimpse of hope.

I wish you the best of luck with nursing school. :heartbeat

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I am glad you are safe, healthy, and following your dream :)

Best of luck in school!