Key Legal Decision Protecting Right of Public Employees to Strike


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This ruling is so important. Nurses must have the ablilty to have their voices heard outside of hospitals, in their communities. The public trusts us and if we are gaged, they are at risk. Many nurses view strikes as negative. Unfortunately, a threat of a strike is the trigger for management to take us seriously at the bargaining table.

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From a social justice standpoint we must also protect the rights of other workers to collectively bargain.....

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This is so true. I cannot believe that the hospitals get away with all the infringements that they do!

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proposed ruling favors union nurses

in what could become a victory for organized labor with repercussions for all public employees in california, the california nurses association is poised to win the next round in a lengthy legal fight over the right to strike against university of california medical campuses and to bargain over staffing and other patient care issues.

the state public employee relations board issued a proposed decision april 18 that would hold that unfair-labor-practices strikes by public employees are permitted under state law.

the proposed ruling also found that uc violated the law by refusing to bargain over the union's staffing proposal and refusing to provide information to nurses about university patient classification systems used to determine staffing. ...

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