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Kern Medical Center, Bakersfield 2014


Does anyone know about how long it takes after the interview process to start orientation with Kern Medical Center?

Any info on the likes or dislikes of the facility? I can't find any info from 2014 such as pay, if they hire new grads, really anything. Thanks guys!

I don't know anything about orientation. I had applied for a new grad position before I accepted my current position. The details stated " SALARY: Pre-Licensed:*$27.26-$33.28/Hourly**Level I:*$28.65-$34.98/Hourly**Level II:*$37.70-$46.02/Hourly; Paid Biweekly

10% additional pay for A.M. shift work; 7.5% additional pay for P.M. shift work.**APPLICANTS MUST BE WILLING TO WORK ANY SHIFT OF A 24-HOUR PERIOD AND ANY 5 OF 7 DAYS."

I wasn't there much during my school rotations except for a day in their NICU (which was awesome). Great staff in there. Their cafeteria is really good. The only thing that bothers me about KMC is all the layoffs they did and their financial difficulties that are all over the news every morning.

I was offered a position for the NICU, so excited! Do you have any idea how long the orientation is (days, hours)? I go this Tuesday to fill out paperwork, maybe they will give me the info then.

Hospital orientation will last one week, I'm not sure about the hours. After that we have 12 weeks of training with a preceptor.

I was so nervous during my interview, when they asked if I had questions my mind went blank! What unit will you be on? Also, is it 12 hour shifts? Sorry for all the questions!

I will be in labor and delivery. I believe so, all the other hospitals in the area are on 12s. I would sure hope so anyways.

Labor and delivery, awesome! I would think 12's but on the job description it says something about working 5 out of 7 days. Maybe that's just for a general county job.

I kinda took that as you have to make yourself available for at least 5 days out of the week? I know years back they tried 8s but they didn't last.

They also use to have a rotating schedule for nights and weekends but I don't know if it is like that anymore. One of the things I forgot to ask.

Will you be working days or nights? I don't really know too much right now, part time or full time or even day or night shift LOL I was so excited for the phone call I didn't even ask. On Tuesday I will for sure ask!

I forgot to ask too, but when they asked me in the interview what I prefer I said nights so I'm sure thats what I will get since most people want days. :yes:

Are you a new grad by any chance? I currently live in Rosamond so the commute isn't going to be too fun. I am really hoping for nights too. I haven't heard too much about this hospital, except for the lay offs. I went to nursing school in Florida so I didn't get a chance to check out any of the local hospitals.

I tried to PM you. Not sure if you can receive the PMs yet? I know you cant send any until 15 posts but I wasn't sure if they could still be received?

I emailed you. I can receive PM but not send. Thanks for your help!

OH geez, I hope it's not eight hour days! I was offered a position in the ED and I am a new grad. Does anyone know if July 28 is the only orientation date?

That's what I thought, July 28 but I don't know when we start on the floors. Hope it the next week!

Hi everyone. Just to let you know that I declined a position for the ED. Good luck to whomever gets it!