Which one is the best school?

  1. Hello! I live in Lexington, and I am wondering which one is the best school between BCTC, Midway and EKU. I am applying for these 3 schools. Please share your experience while in nursing school.

    Thank you for your help!
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  3. by   NurseRose84
    I live in Lexington too, and applied only to BCTC for this fall. If I don't get in, I'll finish up the pre-requisites for UK's 2nd degree BSN program since I work for UK Healthcare and get some tuition paid for. Are you applying for EKU's and Midway's ADN programs, or their BSN programs? Do you mind me asking why you aren't considering UK or Morehead? FYI, Midway is super expensive and according to a girl I met during my CNA training they also require extensive volunteer work while in any of their programs. I was told that if you need to work, you shouldn't go to Midway because you have NO time to work. That being said, Midway is a great school, and if you don't need to work it could be a good fit.
    I've heard from people that attended BCTC and got their BSN after becoming an RN that thought the nursing program at BCTC was more difficult than the BSN programs they completed. EKU has the highest NCLEX pass rates of the schools you're interested in, but you can get a whole lot more info on the KY board of nursing website.
    Good luck!!!
  4. by   fsimis
    Thanks so much for your reply. I am applying for the ADN program. That's why I am not applying to UK. I haven't heard about Morehead, but seems that is it too far to drive from here! My husband is in medical school at UK. I applied for these three schools and I am waiting for the results. I will check the KY board of nursing website. Thanks so much for your info.
  5. by   NurseRose84
    You're welcome!!! I only applied to BCTC since I have a couple of pre-reqs left to take for the other programs. Like I said in my earlier post, if I don't get in, I'll apply for the spring BSN programs that are close. I also think morehead is too far away to drive for school, and with my husband facing a furlough and possibly a lay off since he works for the Dept of Defense, we definitely can't afford for me to drive there everyday. I just brought them up since they have a really good program.
    I'm getting really anxious about hearing from BCTC about whether I got in or not. One of the women in my A&P II class just told me that they didn't accept anyone that has under a 3.8 GPA for fall 2012 admission because they had so many applicants. I hope that's not the case this year!
  6. by   fsimis
    Wow... I applied for 3 different schools because of that. I know the program is really competitive, and I am not sure if I will get in. I will be happy to go to BCTC. Looks like it is close and cheaper. However, I talked with a friend yesterday and she heard they are very disorganized. She is at EKU, and she heard that Midway is the best school.

    Well, now we have to wait until April...

    I wish you good luck!

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