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I live in Michigan and I am a student nurse, all of my family live in Kentucky except my immediate family. I have family there in Ky. that are nurses, just wondered why this board is kind of lame?... Read More

  1. by   SoulShine75
    I noticed too...this board is dullsville. I guess people from KY are just anti-social.... J/K. Where is everyone at???
  2. by   organichombre
    Many nurses don't have the time to browse these forums and many hate the computer because they chart all day long on the damn things! But for those of us who do seek out interaction with other nurses there are other places you may find them particularly at seminars, NTI, etc.
    I work at the VA hospital and although our census is low 16 ICU beds and 8 Sicu beds we have a great place to work. I'm not sure of the pay scale but we have great benefits and if you are a federal emplyee you can move and work anywhere in the US with the original states license. Sooner than later we will have a brand new facility and I'm sure that it will be all that. Good luck...