Students in Bellarmine's spring 2010 ABSN program

  1. Hello! From reading the posts, I see that several people are starting in Bellarmine's spring 2010 ABSN program. I am working on my pre-reqs and I'm going to apply to the spring 2011 program. Would anyone who just started the 2010 program have some time to answer a few questions? To be honest, I'm stressing - I haven't been able to get a lot of information from the admissions counselor at Bellarmine regarding pre-reqs, when is the best time to apply, how can I improve my application, how to get scholarships, etc. I've been spending a lot of time researching options online but I would love some help from an actual Bellarmine student. If you wouldn't mind a few questions from a hopeful Bellarmine student, please PM me! If you'd prefer to discuss things on the board, here are some of the questions I have:

    - Pre-reqs: when did you finish yours? I should be done by December 2010. According to Bellarmine, I don't need to be done until April 2011. Is this realistic, though?
    - Application: It's not due until April 2011, but Bellarmine starts accepting them Sept. 1 of 2010. When did you apply? I'm worried that if I wait, the class may have filled up. If I apply in September, though, I may not have finished my CNA training and I will not have finished all the pre-reqs.
    - CNA training: Where did you do yours? Bellarmine's next training session isn't until this fall, but I'd like to get mine done this summer so I can (ideally) work as a CNA for at least 6 months before the start of the program.

    I do have more questions but I don't want to be a pest!!! Thanks to any advice you can I said, I am stressed about getting into the program and trying to do everything right!
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  3. by   julieab99
    Hi there - I tried to send you a private message, unfortunately it wouldn't let me.
    Anyway, I'm Julie the recruiter for the accelerated 2nd degree BSN program at Bellarmine and I'll try to help.
    The most important item in your post is that the priority application deadline is NOVEMBER 1, not April 1. You can apply to the program while you are still taking pre-reqs. Most students complete the pre-reqs in the spring semester and are admitted conditionally pending successful completion.
    Most students use the Louisville Red Cross for CNA training.
    This website won't allow me to post my email etc here, but it's all available at Bellarmine's website. I'd be glad to meet with you or review your current transcripts for any pre-reqs you may still need.
  4. by   Rosemarie21883
    I myself am curious about the ABSN program at Bellarmine. I am currently in the transition phase am looking into Nursing as a second career. However, my grades at my last University was not great. However, I have managed to keep over a 3.0 in all my pre-reqs. Does anyone know about the acceptance rate into the university? Is admissions on a rolling basis, meaning how long after I submit my application will I be notified of acceptance? Thanks for any information that can be provided.