Just received my acceptance letter from the EKU ADN nursing program!

  1. I'm really excited, but upon reading I keep hearing how extremely hard and almost undo able this program will be...and how the teacher like to see you fail. It absolutely brings down my confidence and makes me feel like Im not gonna make it, I've Always struggled in school it's a shock and a miracle I got in the program. For started anybody know anything about this Dosage exam they make you take on orientation. My first semester will be Spring 2013! Words of advice anybody? Especially if you have attended or are attending the Adn program right now? Thanks!!!
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  3. by   Katie828
    No words of advice, but I wanted to say congrats for getting in!
  4. by   EKU2014hopeful
    Thanks so much!
  5. by   MSKY
    I started the program Fall 2012. It's really not as bad as everyone tries to make it seem. The professors are extremely nice and helpful. We did lose a few people this semester who couldn't pass the dosage test. But if you read the and study the assigned workbook you should have no problems. I passed the first exam with a 100. But they give everyone 3 chances to take the exam.
  6. by   MSKY
    Oh and congratulations!!!
  7. by   EKU2014hopeful
    I know about the dosage exam, I'm terrified! But I'm finishing up my finals on the 4th of Dec and I will start studying for the dosage exam then, I've already ordered the book they mentioned in the email. How many people are in your class? Where do you do your first semester clinicals at?
  8. by   tnbutterfly
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  9. by   MSKY
    There are 49 students in my class. My clinicals were in a long term care facility. They do make a practice dosage calculation exam available to you before you have to take the exam in class. As long as you know how to complete all of the problems on the practice exam you will be fine. The actual nursing exams are difficult, but they don't penalize you for the questions if the majority of the class doesn't know the correct answer. That helps a lot. So if you come to a question that you don't recognize or doesn't quite make sense don't panic. Chances are your peers won't understand it either and the instructors will take that into account. The first semester is challenging and I am very glad that it is over! But in the end you will have gained a considerable amount of knowledge. EKU's program is difficult, but I believe it will be well worth it in the end when we have to sit for the NCLEX.
  10. by   EKU2014hopeful
    Thanks so much! Hearing that about the exams helps ease my mind a bit and yes I just came across that practice exam on blackboard and thank goodness I figured out most of them in my head! I'm waiting for my dosage calculations book so I'm hoping to be just fine. I'm so excited about all of this, and I plan on making the best out of these next two years and learn as much as I can. I'm really shy and my confidence level sucks but I plan on pushing all that silliness aside to succeed in the next to years and of course after.
  11. by   FutureKYRN2014
    I'm going in to my second semester of the EKU ADN program. Congratulations to you for getting in! I also wanted to reassure you, if you have the dosage calculation book, you'll be totally fine. That exam does weed a few people out, but it's really pretty simple. And you get three chances to pass it. (I'm not saying don't study, DO STUDY! Just don't worry too terribly bad!) And like the other person said, the professors are more than willing to help you if you are having trouble with a concept. And they actually have a full time faculty member who is there just to help you if you're having issues. Take advantage of any help they can offer if you're having problems.
  12. by   MSKY
    So how did you do on your dosage exam?
  13. by   EKU2014hopeful
    I passed! I was so excited! Thanks for asking!
  14. by   philly7777
    I have taken all of the prerequisites and have a total of 69 points on the adn rubric and was wondering whether or not i will get into the program. Also, I know that people who study the night before tests will fail out of the program, but what if I study a week in advance? I feel confident that I will be able to pass the program but I am just discouraged by all the people on this site saying that it is impossible to pass the program! I would appreciate any info or knowledge from anyone that has passed or is in the program currently. What is it like and what is to be expected???

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