Helping my wife look for classes?

  1. My wife and I are both currently looking into going back to school. I am currently in an EMT-B course. (just for you to have background) and my wife is working as a scheduler for a dr office in town. we are in Lex.
    OK she wants to go back to school mabe get her CNA or go all out for the RN but she can't get anyone to answere her questions about classes n things properly at her work. Anyway my question is are there any accelerated programes for either one in or near lex?
    OHHHH also what is the major difference between RN and LPN really other than pay?
    I acctually can use any info any one could give me about the programs around for any of these.
    thanks in advance!
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  3. by   MissGwen
    It is my understanding that you can get your CNA in no time. Tell her to contact Bluegrass Community and Technical College, Bluegrass Nurse Aide Training Center, and to call around to the nursing homes about the CNA course. I think that there is another training center, but I cannot remember the name of it.

    The best thing to do to find out about nursing programs in your area would be to visit the KY Board of Nursing's website: As far as I know, there are no accelerated nursing programs in the area, but that could have changed.

    I am not sure what the differences are between LPN and RN. I am starting school real soon, but from what I understand they are minimal, but I could be wrong.

  4. by   DLOAH
    The difference between an lvn and an rn is that rns are more of a supervisor. They are responsible for delivering, planning, and managing patient care in an acute or specialty settings. Lvns give medications change wound dressing give meds some start IVs. A lot of this the rn can do but if the lvn is there it usually will be done by the lvn. RN go to school for 2 to 5 years, and lvns usually take classes for a year to 18 months.