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Just thought I would start a new thread about Galen. Anything and everything Galen can be posted here! Please feel free to share, or ask questions! I am still waiting on my acceptance letter,... Read More

  1. by   1stLayDrn2b
    Lasdrs07, I did the same thing. I didn't leave a message only because I wanted to talk to someone. I called a lot. But, like Preemiemama said, the best time is in the morning. If you get a break or something at work, try giving her a call and leave a message stating the nature of your call and that she can leave the message on your phone. Believe me, we know how you feel. On a brighter note, I got my packet today!!!! And it tells you to make an appointment with Financial aid as soon as you receive it, and she didn't pick up. I believe they stop answering calls after a certain time. But, it's on the way ladies!!!!!
  2. by   1stLayDrn2b
    Oh, and if you think we had questions before, wait until you get your packet. And then again, it could just be me
  3. by   lasdrs07
    Okay, maybe I'll try to call her sometime at work. If not, then maybe I'll get my packet tomorrow since you got yours today! Hopefully I will anyway!! I checked the mail today and didn't get anything. I'm sure I will definitely have more questions once I do get my packet...haha! Yeah, maybe they do stop answering calls after a certain time. Thanks for all of the info!
  4. by   Lpntxn1
    lasdrs07 I feel your Pain!! I talked with Ms. Willams this morning and Angie. I was told that they are behind schedule and they are accepting students in groups. the 190-180 score group was first. That left me out since I scored a 174. Angie then preceeded to tell me that there are 90 slots left and 300 pp trying to get in..... This really flipped me out!! I was practically begging her to accept me. LMAO... I think she felt sorry for me and told me she would make a note that I called and said that my packet was one that was on top. Whatever that means? I dunno....She was extremely nice.....She also said it could take another 2 weeks before they all get mailed out.... I am soooo frustrated right now....But I am trying to stay positive.....
    Let me know PLEASE whatever you find out when you call.
  5. by   lasdrs07
    Hey acorne! Oh my goodness, that makes me even MORE nervous now...haha! I scored a 187 on the test. I know that doesn't mean that I am definitely accepted though. What time of day did you call?? I am getting ready to go to work and don't know if I will be able to call until I get off work. 1stLady2 said she received her packet in the mail yesterday!! I am going crazy! Haha!! Who is the Angie lady that you talked to? Maybe I should call and ask for her!!
  6. by   Lpntxn1
    Angie works in admissions. I think her last name is Meeks, but not positive. Ms. Willams transferred my call to her because I had a couple of questions she could not answer. They are both very nice over the phone. I called at 9am yesterday and left a message. When I did not hear back I called again around 11:30 and got Ms. Willams.
    With a 187 you have a better chance than me!! I was told my score at 174 was not bad so yours is real good.
    I pray we both get in!! Keep in touch!!
  7. by   lasdrs07
    I called Allida on my way in to work this morning around 8:30 and got her voicemail again. So, I left a message this time, and just checked my phone and she still hasn't returned my call. I don't want to keep calling her so I don't know what to do. Maybe I should just wait on the mail, but I don't think I can...haha!! I worry way too much and have convinced myself that the reason she hasn't called me back is because maybe I didn't get accepted and she doesn't want to tell me over the phone. I know that is so silly...haha!! I just can't help it! She must be a very busy lady!!! Maybe I'll try again after work! I will definitely keep in touch, acorne. You keep in touch too!
  8. by   lasdrs07
    Hey 1stLady2, acorne, and preemiemama! Allida called me back on my way home today!!! She told me pretty much what she told you, acorne. She said that my file is complete, but they are sending them out in groups and I should hear something in a week or week and a half. So, I am STILL going crazy!!! Haha! Now, I am even more nervous than before because like I said in my last post, I worry WAY too much and I keep thinking that I haven't been accepted and she just didn't want to tell me over the phone. Please help me feel better guys!! 1stLady2, I know you said you got your packet already. Preemiemama, have you got yours yet? I know you already know that you are accepted, but I was just wondering if you had got your packet yet or not. I'm sorry for the long message, but as you can tell, I am tired of waiting!!! Haha!
  9. by   krltdy
    Hang in there hun! I haven't recieved my packet yet. Only 1 and a half weeks to go...After all, you've come this far!
  10. by   lasdrs07
    Thank you, preemiemama! I'm just so afraid that I didn't get in!! It just worries me that they told you over the phone that you were accepted and you still haven't received your packet. I just wonder why she couldn't tell me yet over the phone since my file is complete. It just worries me!! You are so right though, I've waited this long, so I know I can wait another week or so. I just don't want to wait...haha!
  11. by   1stLayDrn2b
    Keep your head up lasdrs07!!! It's probably based on when you took your test. Because like preemiemama said, at least they were still testing for the July class. When I took my test (March 17), they let us know if you were looking to get in the April class for days, it was full. So, you're still in the running. You and acorne are in and I'll be waiting right here to cheer you all on
  12. by   lasdrs07
    Thank you, 1stLady2! I took my test April 21st. So, that makes me feel a lot better. I never even thought about it possibly being based on when you took your test. I can't wait to find out!!!
  13. by   Lpntxn1
    Yep!! One thing is for sure ALL of you ladies are awesome and it is whey coool that I have you all to share my thoughts with!!! It is nice to know that there are others out there who understand and I certainly hope that I am lucky enuff to get in July classes with you all. But, if for some reason I don't get in July, then I will shoot for October!! Ladrs07, just remember, classes start every 3 months and that may seem like a long time, but in the scheme of things it really isn't. We will get in!!! It is just a matter of time!! Hang loose with me, ok?
    And keep in touch.
    by the way my name is Angela

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