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  1. by   jones050308
    hey brittbritt. still no packet yet. i was originally starting this past october in the evening program. but due to a job change i was ablt to do days but they were full for oct and jan. back in oct they confirmed my file for april lpn days, but i am starting to think my stuff got lost in the mix. i e-mailed angie last week about it and she said they were mailed out. i hope it hasn't because i have verything lined up with my job to start in april! lord give me patience....
  2. by   BrittBritt
    Jones, not to panic you but I would definately call asap. There are deadlines regardless if you are in for days or nights...for example..the financial aid appointment deadline is this coming friday. The medical shot records are due the 25th. I called and asked the status of my application and that's when they transferred me to Carol. She was really good at getting right back to me. I would think for sure yours would have gotten to you by now with the deadlines approaching. Let me know what you find out...
  3. by   jones050308
    Believe me I have been freaking out! Called today and talked to Carol and they had my address wrong, wrong city and Zip (not sure how they came up with that address). They mailed it out to the wrong address and never received it back so they assumed I did not accept the offer. Worst part is that someone probably has it, and it has my information on it. They mailed it out to me this morning and I made my financial aid appt for next Friday. Does anyone know when the orientation is for April LPN days? I need to know so I can take off work, but won't be getting my packet until Friday at the latest.
  4. by   jsadler827
    I want to know if anyone who is already through first quarter could tell me about the drug cards we have to have for our Lab class and what are they used for during our CPE's what information will we need to have off them?
  5. by   NursePunkinz
    I graduated from Galen in Florida a few years ago and am planning on applying for their RN bridge program. Does anyone know if they got their official accreditation for the RN program and if they are still making the RN students wear those awful white nursing caps???? I love it there but hated the nursing caps with a passion. Anyone know??

  6. by   jones050308
    Supposedly they are not accredited. All they will tell you is that "They have agreements with a few other colleges that you can go to for you BSN." Most people I know that went there for their LPN are not going back to bridge to RN. Most people are to worried that without being "officially accredited" then they would do all the hard work and not be able to keep going.
  7. by   cnaof9years
    Do anyone know what kind of background check do Galen in San Antonio do for the LVN progarm and why is it so expensive, what do they look for and what company do they go thru to get the background check ???
  8. by   jsadler827
    Can anyone tell me if you use the Fundamentals of Nursing books in any other quarter than first?
  9. by   cnaof9years
    Hello there, I am wanting to know if Galen do a credit check along with the background check ? Or what all do they do when completing a background check and why is it so expensive ? Do you know what company completes the background check for Galen ?
  10. by   lasdrs07
    Hi jsadler827! You will use your paperback Fundamentals book in 2nd quarter. You won't use the hardback one again though.
  11. by   jsadler827
    Thanks lasdrs07
  12. by   Kmolss01
    I am so excited i start in july and just cant wait.......i hear great things from all the nurses that made it through and they are going to many other schools just fine.
  13. by   jsadler827
    I am about to start my second quarter in Day classes and I was wanting to if anyone could tell me what skills you do for your CPE's in second quarter I was just wanting to know so I can start going over things during break Thanks

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