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  1. by   prthd
    Is the new campus open for business, or will the odd group out be at S 4th St?
  2. by   lasdrs07
    Thank you so much INparrothead!!
  3. by   slmcdo05
    Hi INparrothead! The new campus is scheduled to open August 1st, replacing the old, scary downtown campus. From what Angie Metten told me one group will go to the new campus and one group will stay at Zorn Avenue. We start classes on July 27th, so that is not much of a wait until August 1st. I read a newspaper article that said that the new campus has 13,000 square feet and lots of classrooms and labs like Zorn Avenue. The new campus is about a quarter of a mile from the Zorn Avenue campus, so that won't be too bad.
  4. by   slmcdo05
    I just wanted to let everyone know that I found a promo( coupon) code for and it saved me $5. Enter SAVEONBOOKS09 in the promo code box and it will take $5 off of your order! Every dollar counts, especially for those of us who are going broke getting ready for Galen!!
  5. by   kc9772
    Do not buy your books from the website that Galen gives you. Compare half and amazon and you will save a fortune on books. YOu can get new books from amazon for much cheaper usually than on edmap. Also and it may have changed as I am about to go into fourth quarter but I bought a med. terminology book for 1st quarter that I never even used. It was a huge waste of money. If you are good at studying you may be fine without the books I didn't have one single book second quarter and did fine. When I didn't understand a topic and needed further clarification I just copied pages from the books in the library. Good luck to all!
  6. by   slmcdo05
    Hi KC9772! Thanks for your advice, it is nice coming from someone with experience. I purchased all of the required books for the first quarter; I didn't bother with the optional ones. If I end up needing them later, then I can't get them. I only spent $215 on and my husband and I are going to share them. He will be going to school with me, so we didn't do too bad. I guess that I can always sell them if I don't need them.

    While I've got you here, do you mind if I ask a question? How did they divide you all into groups when you started Galen? Was it alphabetically or randomly?
    Also, do you know anything about the new campus?

    Thanks Alot!
  7. by   hope2besoon
    I enjoy your posts and have a question for all. I passed the test and received the call to go to the next round with my entrance interview. Do you all have remember what this process involves ? or what are the types of things they are going to ask me ? I am hoping to attend the Cincinnati Galen and not sure if you all had the interview process as well. I have my interview this coming Wed and was hoping you all could give me a little direction. hoping to be accepted to the Oct 2009 class.
  8. by   1stLayDrn2b
    I'm sorry hope2besoon, but we did not have to go through an interview. We tested, waited, and received acceptance letters and packets. I'm sure you will do fine. If nursing is what you really want to do, just speak from your heart and claim it Good luck to you!!
  9. by   slmcdo05
    Hi Everyone! I am curious if any of the past Galen student's can tell me what all they did at orientation? I am just curious what we are going to do for 4 hours. That seems like such a long time!

  10. by   jsadler827
    I was just wondering how long is the CPAT test?
  11. by   1stLayDrn2b
    It's only an hour jsadler827. Here's the breakdown:

    The language portion is 60 questions and tests for knowledge of punctuation, grammar, spelling, and logic. This will take 15 minutes. The reading portion will take 25 minutes, and consists of 30 questions testing your ability to comprehend, interpret, and apply written materials. The numerical section takes 20 minutes, and consists of 25 questions about adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and word problems using these skills.
  12. by   jsadler827
    Does everyone have to buy their own books at Galen or does some people actually get the financial aid to cover the books? I was just wondering I am trying ot start in October and i just looked to see about how much money I would need to cover my books and it is a lot of money, has anyone had their books and stuff covered by financial aid at Galen?
  13. by   blt3535
    Hello everyone. I am a student at Louisville galen- finishing up 2nd quarter evening. Actually- kind of getting stressed as i have some final things coming up. I have been reading and see that a lot of you have questions- but it doesn't seem like that many students are on here, I would be glad to answer any questions! I know when I first started- I was scouring anything and everything to put my mind at rest at what it would be like...

    As far as orientation goes- the four hours are actually taken up by quite a few different people talking to you. They talk to you about parking, the building, what to expect, rules and the student handbook. And a student will come in and answer questions which is nice. They also do a game where you get to know other people that will be in your class. Its not too bad...and you get a tshirt!

    The only advice I have is just to rest and get ready- b/c once you start you really have to get focused and be prepared to study a lot. My brother is in the day program first quarter and I know he has said that its kicking quite a few peoples butt! We lost about 15 people first quarter, some from personal reasons- but quite a few from grades.
    The other students will become some of your best friends- how could they not? You will see them everyday!!

    Good Luck- and if you have any questions, just post them on here, I check this pretty frequently!

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