EKU ADN Fall 2016

  1. Hey all! I wanted to see if there was anyone else out there applying to the EKU ADN program for Fall 2016.

    I am currently finishing up my BS in Psychology from EKU and taking my A&P pre-reqs online. I plan on getting my application in sometime towards the end of January.

    Took the HESI A2 in 2014 and scored pretty high, but opted to finish up my BS in Psych before pursuing nursing.

    Anyone else? Say hello!
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  3. by   littlehelpinghands
    Have you thought about enrolling into a accelerated nursing program? Where you could get your BSN in 18-22 months. This will probably be your best option since you will have your Bachelor's Degree. I am in the same situation. I graduated last year with a Bachelor's and my next plan is an accelerated nursing program.
  4. by   ZoraNeale
    This isn't an option for me. I would be required to take two more pre-reqs for the second degree BSN program at UK and EKU's second degree is extremely competitive. I have applied but would rather go the ADN route because I am more likely to get in right away instead of finishing pre-reqs for another year and hoping I get into UK and/or EKU. The goal is to get my ADN, work at UK where they will pay for my BSN and enroll in an RN-BSN program immediately after passing the NCLEX.
  5. by   ces.lee
    I applied to the ADN program for Fall 2016 ! I was told that the acceptance letters would be mailed out before the first week of April & here we are. im SOOOO anxious to know its killing me! i wonder if there is a way we could see through EKU Direct?
  6. by   ZoraNeale
    Yay! I was told the same as well. I don't know if there is a way to tell until we accept our spot in the program but good luck! Hopefully we find out soon
  7. by   littlehelpinghands
    Sounds like a good plan! Good luck to both of you.
  8. by   Newbie_RN17
    Graduated from there last year, it's a great program! Nothing showed up on eku direct until after I got my letter though. Good luck to you!
  9. by   ces.lee
    thank you for the wishes of luck ! i hope and pray every day that I am accepted ! you know how they do the point thing to determine acceptance right ? what were the point totals for you guys if you dont mind me asking ? I was told by my advisor that 40-50 point were goal ..
  10. by   ZoraNeale
    I had somewhere around 74 points. The website says that if admission becomes competitive then they would use the point system but since they extended the deadline to submit applications, I think they needed more students to apply. I know someone who just graduated the program and she said as long as you meet minimum requirements and didn't fail any pre-reqs you should be good to go.
  11. by   ces.lee
    that sounds great ! all requirements met & i havent failed any pre-reqs .. i say Im in pretty good shape . seeing that they had to extend the deadline is a major plus as well! thanks for the info
  12. by   Newbie_RN17
    Mine was somewhere in the 60s
  13. by   ces.lee
    @AThom34 have you gotten your letter yet?
  14. by   ZoraNeale
    No I checked yesterday and nothing. Administration said the committee met April 1st and letters would be mailed this week. I'm getting anxious!!

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