Can you apply to more then one kctcs RN program at a time?

  1. Im wanting to apply to Madisonville Community College, Bowling Green Community College and Hopkinsville Community College can I do this?? I feel like I've read somewhere you can only apply to one campus at a time, Is this true??
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  3. by   mac linn
    I don't see why you wouldn't be able to apply!
    It would just give you more chances of being accepted to one of the programs.
    I would apply to them all!!
  4. by   Ash13
    I am a student at Bluegrass. From what I have been told, you can apply to more than one school at once. On the other hand, you can only apply to one RN program at each school as well as one LPN program at each school. For example- BCTC has a RN program at 2 campuses. So, you can only pick one. However, you can still apply for the LPN school as well. A few months ago, I emailed a nursing advisor at Maysville and told her I was applying at Bluegrass and she said I could still apply there as well. Hopefully that will help a little...
  5. by   mac linn
    WKU allows you to apply to both ADN and BSN program at the same time to increase your chances on getting into a program.
    I checked on KCTCS website and was unable to find anywhere listing you could not apply to both RN or LPN etc.
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  6. by   Ash13
    I also forgot... When I went to the pre- nursing advising meeting a couple months ago, we were told that we could apply at more than one kctcs school. But, only one RN program per school. So, if one school offers more than one program at different campuses you must choose one. Hope I didn't confuse you.
  7. by   Brannray
    I'm hoping that is the case!!!I mean, I know you can apply to more than one kctcs school... Because I am at Big Sandy right now, that's where I got my CNA's but I'm also going to apply to Ashland! But if I can apply to RN and LPN that'll help me out A LOT! I'm going to apply to Pikeville as well!!
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