BCTC a better deal than UK?? Please weigh in

  1. Hello all,
    So I passed my CNA state test (yaay I'm bonafide) and am enrolled in the spring to get a few pre-reqs out of the way before applying to nursing school. I LOVE the instructors at BCTC, as did I love the ones a million years ago when it was little ole LCC. Way better deal economically-speaking than other nearby options, too.

    My observation/question is this tho...what the eff is up with the price of the anatomy text??? It's a ONE HUNDRED LEVEL CLASS. The FIRST anatomy class. Am I misunderstanding something? I went to grad school and can only remember one or two texts that even came within a fraction of the price of this anatomy text (and by that I mean 1/3-1/2). My engineer bf laughed out loud when he heard the price, as never in HIS education did he see such a price (and he got the much heralded STEM degree). I see that you can rent it or buy it in electronic or looseleaf form, and used as well, but seriously guys....a little ridiculous. Mom and Dad aren't paying for this. It's me and mine. And even tho I didn't request an online class, I have been thrust into Starfish and Blackboard and Peoplesoft and and and...do I at least get credit for navigating these unnecessarily complicated waters? I mean, I get that we are in the age of social media and that kids today, well they're different learners than those of us who awaited a paper syllabus the first day of class and traditionally bought our books at one of those terrible stores that would charge full price only to then give us half the value at semester's end. I get that. I MISS that. I miss talking to people in person rather than across computer screens. Sorry for the rant, but when I first made this career plan, I was under the impression that BCTC was going to be demonstrably less expensive than UK. Is this assumption merely based upon the price per credit hour? Is this crazily expensive anatomy book the exception in an otherwise frugal choice? Thx
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  3. by   carrieljp
    Hey there,

    So far, my anatomy book has been the most expensive book I've purchased. Several people from my A&P class rented theirs- one even rented one edition older for something like $30 or $40 (and she still got an A in the class, no problem). I really think it's an exception. So far, BCTC has been very affordable for me. The first three semesters I bought books from the book store. This semester I got wise and rented: less than half the price and I don't end up with extra books on my hands at the end of the semester.

    Good luck with your studies! I love BCTC!