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I was just wondering what it is like in comparsion to other hospitals. I am intrested in the VA in Lexington. Thanks!... Read More

  1. by   organichombre
    I promised myself not to get on a soapbox but it looks like I'm going to have to do it. I've worked at the VA in lou. for 20 years first as an aide, then an LPN, then an ADN, then a BSN and now almost masters prepared. As for all the red tape problems well the VA does have them. But as a teaching hospital this means for doctors and nurses. Nurses must stand firm in what they know is right and carry on. The other post said a lot of what I was thinking so visit one of the VA's look around, ask questions and do your homework. The VA in Lou will be getting a new hospital sooner or later...sooner hopefully!
  2. by   Salek
    Thanks for posting the information, this is helpful.

    I am starting with the VA next month in ABQ. I called and asked an HR representative about the EDRP and was advised that the EDRP had to have been listed in the original job posting for the applicant to qualify.

    Is this true? Has anyone successfully applied and received benefits from the EDRP? Thanks in advance if you can help!