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I'm an RN planning to return to nursing in the next few months. I would be great to have WKY support group here in factnet. Looking forward to hearing from any and all KY nurses.... Read More

  1. by   jam_mom
    Hello, I'm looking for info on the hospitals in Paducah...if anyone has any info i would love to have it...thanks
  2. by   ksb13
    If you want to give me your email address or email me I will tell you what I know about Lourdes and WBH. Haven't worked IN either, but have done home health for both. [
  3. by   cheryn
    Hello nurse sarah,
    I don't live in Madisonville, but I work there at RMC. I do not know much about travel nurxing. I have heard it is great and that it sucks, take your pick. I guess it depends on what the person was expecting when they started traveling verses what they got. Make a list of what you want and write down how you think things will be, then call different travel companies and find out what you can get and match things up. If any agree to terms they did not first establish, get it in writing before you start. Good luck.
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  4. by   Dink75
    Stumbled onto your posts about moving to Marshall County. I have lived in Marshall County my entire life and I am working as an RN at Lourdes. If you have any questions, please let me know.

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