Keep job-searching or pursue post-Masters certificate?


I recently graduated from the Adult NP program, and I've been unsuccessful in my job search. Most of the jobs require experience which is so frustrating as a new grad. I live in a bigger city, and we're not able to relocate because of my husband's job.

Since I'm still working as a RN in the hospital, I keep wondering if I should pursue post-Master's certificate in Family NP or Neonatal NP (I have NICU experience) to make myself more marketable.



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Are you finding employers that are looking for Family or Neonatal in particular, and would be willing to overlook the lack of experience if you had the certification they want? Or are you just hoping that further clinical contacts and the passage of time would allow more jobs to open up?

I am enrolled in an Adult program for this fall but it *should* be transferred to FNP soon. Part of the reason I was so excited about the accreditation for FNP being added was this worry - that there would be jobs who would take me except I couldn't see kids. Seems like ANPs aren't having too much trouble in my area, but still....I'm a worrier. :)


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Long story short, I work in the NICU as a RN. I started off in the FNP program but switched during my last semester to ANP. While I love the neonatal patients, I also enjoy the adults. While I love kids in general, I had no interest in the pediatric portion of the program.

Now as I'm job-searching, I'm being turned down because of lack of experience, not sure if it's my NICU-only experience or being a new grad. It's very discouraging. There is a need for NNPs here where I live, and there seem to be more options for FNPs. I'm kicking myself for not sticking with FNP (an extra 2 semesters) and not initially pursuing NNP.


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Is it a lot of repeat work to go back and do the FNP? But if you really want to do NNP, why not? It's a niche, but a needed one it seems. And you have the exact appropriate experience for that. I can see it might be difficult to get ANP positions with only the NICU experience.

Sometimes I think it would have been easier to just do a PA program. No angst over which track to pick. Sigh.

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I had a lot of classmates feel the way you do peach. They pretty much grit their teeth, suffered through the peds so they could be a FNP and have more job options, but don't plan on ever seeing anyone under 21 again, lol.

Can you just do the two semesters now, or is there more involved? I'd do it. Other than urology, I haven't seen anything in my area that wants anything other than FNP even if you are rarely, if ever, actually going to see peds. They don't even want ACNPs here, unless they are also FNP. I think that will change in time, we are a bit slow to catch up. ;)