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Keep or change jobs for NS...please help


[YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE]okay so here is my situation...I am starting nursing school this January. I need to work at least PT so I can cover my few bills and not have to dip into my savings. My current job for the most part is great..its home health care, I love my client, it is really laid back, night shift I can sleep, and I can study during my shift somewhat. BUT..here it comes...my boss is pysco, unethical, just horrible! She has us as CNA's give meds including BP meds...scary and illegal..I asked her about it before but basically she threatens if we don't comply that we will lose our jobs. She left me hanging during an overnight shift (she is on call 24/7) when my clients BP went sky high and I was not about to give him a nitrostat without permission. She wouldn't answer any of her 3 phone after 20 calls. I called an ambulance when I had no other option and then got in trouble for that because it 'made her look bad!' and then she stole all of my notes from that night to hide the evidence. She doesn't pay overtime and isn't even paying into social security or medicare...it gets much much worse but you get the point.

I feel the need to report her to the state as I feel there are a slot of illegal and neglectful things going on..she even owns this company and has no RN on staff and is just LPN. So obviously if I report her I am going to quit..she causes me really bad stress but the job almost seems perfect for during NS...

the alternative is to work PT at the hospital affiliated with the NS I am going to...its actually inside the hospital. The charge nurse seems like she will be flexible with my school schedule but I realize it will be real work (unlike this home care job) and I won't be studying or sleeping at work but at least the people there don't seem so scary and shady. Plus I would get a lot more experience in the hospital than the current job. Another plus is that it would give me a good in to get a job after graduation according to everyone I talk to. I just don't know what to do...any help would be great..sorry for the book.


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Report you current boss and quit as soon as you can. It is an unethical and illegal situation that you are being put in and you will be considered the same as her if you don't at least report her to the state and then leave the company. If this were to ever surface while you were in nursing school your placement COULD be put in jeopardy. And with all the hard work that it takes to get and stay in nursing school, is it really worth it?


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I would definitely quit your job and report her. I've been working since I started nursing school. My first year I worked 24-36 hours a week and this second year I'm working 16-24 hours a week. I could still be working more, but I got tired of not having ANY life other than work and school. In hospitals, you can be PRN, which means you don't HAVE to work a set schedule, but you won't get any benefits. You can also take time off if you need without needing vacation. A lot of floors at hospitals are willing to work with nursing students.

Definitely get out of that situation..

I am in my senior year of an associates program - school takes up Mon - Thurs - so I work as a waitress the whole weekend (5 shifts in 3 days)..The money is great, the hours are great (5-7 hours tops) and can be flexible when I have a test coming up. I also work part time as an aide in a hospital per diem - but honestly, I make more as a waitress, in less hours - and you will need all the hours you can! Good luck to you.

Is there another agency in town that you could go to and say, "Look, if you hire be this client will come into the fold."? I'm assuming the client and you have the sort of relationship where you could tell him/her that you must leave the agency.

The client loves me but it isn't her decision to make what agency she goes to...both husband and wife have dementia..and their children probably won't deal with changing agencies...they aren't around.. My boss will just replace me...she goes through CNA's like tissues. Thanks for the input . I still can't decide...I would be able to work a lot more and make a lot more money staying at this agency but I know when I report her soon it might shake the boat but its my obligation. The hospital would be good with the prn but I really like having set schedules and concrete plans. But the flexibility would be nice...ugh soo confused

I would suggest checking with an employment lawyer. If you report her to the Ombudsman (do they have thi sin your state?) and she fires you for reporting her I think you would be protected under some set of laws. I don't know if it would be EEOC or what, but it's retaliation for you to fire her. Also, when you do your job you need to keep a notebook and keep your own separate set of notes identical to what you put in the "official" notes. That way you at least have some substantiation for your claims later on. I think if she fires you for retaliation you would be entitled to some sort of compensation. One final thing, I think you have an ethical obligation to let the family know that this woman is having unlicensed personnel give meds. Their parent could end up dead because of this practice! Good luck - sounds like a miserable situation!


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Report this woman, what she's doing is dangerous and she could be getting you and other aides in trouble by passing meds. I won't pretend that I know how the law works, but it seems to me that if a pt died as a direct result of an aide practicing out of his or her scope (administering meds), not only would your boss be in trouble, but the aide who did so knowing that they weren't qualified to perform such tasks may feel the heat too. Protect yourself and your patients. Report the agency, line up a new job.

Thanks..I think you guys are right, unfortunately. I did an anonymous report so we will see if anyone investigates or anything. I read online somewhere that CNA home health aides were aloud to pass meds that were already seperated out into med trays...we cant physically put them in their mouths or crush them or anything but can put them in a cup and give them...but that was a Florida law..which isnt where I live... I dont even know...but BP meds...scary.

But now that I did my duty by reporting her or that if I find out I am still safe working for her, which is the better job for NS?