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I took the Kaplan course and I'm at the point now where I am creating the Q-banks...but my question is What is the best way to use the book? Read the whole thing or what? Any tips from you recent NCLEX passers? Or tips on creating the Q-banks?:nurse:

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To prepare for the nclex I did the trainers. After I did each trainer, I would do the remediation of all the questions I got wrong. If during remediation I needed more info, I would look it up in the book. I know in my review class my instructor had us flag important pages. At some point I went through and read all of those flagged pages, but I think that was overwhelming. I am not sure that I really absorbed much from that at all. So I would say to just use the book to look up any info you don't understand when remediating. FYI all of my classmates passed 1st try with Kaplan, so I am a true Kaplan believer. I am not sure how I would have passed without it. Those Kaplan advanced level questions seemed harder than a lot of the NCLEX Q's.


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Whew that is good to know! I have only heard of one person from my class not passing NCLEX but that was because he didn't do anything for Kaplan after the week long course and didn't listen to the advice. I'm getting 70's-90's on my Qbanks which I'm assuming is proficient. I just keep getting hung up on all the grammatical and spelling errors in the questions!