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I just took my readiness exam and got 64%. Is this score given by Kaplan really indicative of passing NCLEX?


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I took the readiness test and got a 67 percent on iy and I was told anything above 60 percent was good. We received the kaplan score conversion chart wen my class took kaplan back in november wen we took Kaplan. You should see about getting the conversion chart. If I still had it i would send it to u but sorry I dont.

Sounds like a oretty solid score to me. Great job and good luck!


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Thank you! God willing everything goes well!

I found this conversion chart, does it look like the one you got from Kaplan?

Guide to Monitoring Kaplan/LWW Integrated Testing:

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How are the Readiness and Diagnostic tests laid out? Is it just like all the practice tests and question trainers on Kaplan?


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be confident! you got this! :D I don't use KAPLAN but as per my friend who utilized KAPLAN, if you get 60% you're good to go. She passed with 76 questions and her score ranged from 50-60ish % before taking the real exam. Good luck to you! God bless! :)

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