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Kaplan QT


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Hi everyone,

Am new here, and have been reading post about kaplan question trainer(QT), so i decided to look it up on amazon to see if i can get the material but could not find it there, Pls is there any other name for the QT or what is the name of the material.

Thanks for your response.

Kaplan QTs or Question Trainers are only available if you decide to sign up for the Kaplan NCLEX review course. There are 7 QTs. They range from 75 questions to 265 questions. The questions are similar, if not harder than the NCLEX examination.

Also there is an app for iOS that includes a question bank. Just search Kaplan nclex. The questions are very similar to the QT questions.


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My kaplan scores are low -50-to 60. I'm really nervous ... Any suggestions ? TIA

You can also get the Qtrainers from the online on-demand course which is what I did. This also comes with the Qbank questions.

My kaplan scores are low -50-to 60. I'm really nervous ... Any suggestions ? TIA

Mine started out in the mid 50's. I followed kaplan's schedule and and did questions consistently almost every day for 4 weeks and it only took about a week and half to change that. Look up anything you get wrong or have never heard of. I wrote the explanations for everything I either didn't think of myself or just didn't know the answer to. MY hands hurt a lot after but I remember so much better that way. There's a little memorizing involved, but mostly understanding why of things helps you remember it better. Try the lacharity book too, my scores went up after that as well. Taking mine next week!