Kaplan qbank scores made me nervous!

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I enrolled in kaplan qbank pn last month. I graduated in February, ATI exit exam at 99% passing NCLEX, GPA at 3.8. I have been practicing exam cram, nclex 3000, Saunders, ATI, 250 SATA Lippicot. I feel I'm good at content and meds, But OMG, when I do kaplan questions, sometimes I have no clue, my lowest is 56% and highest is 72% (been doing about 15 tests, 50 questions/each, I took about 80% questions) Kaplan questions made me feel that I'm so stupid. I'm nervous, my test day is 4/24, but I feel so scare with the scores like this since everyone said kaplan is similar to nclex. Please let me know if I'm ready or not?


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I took it Friday - the computer shut off at 75 and I got the good pop up. Like you, I graduated with a high gpa (3.9) and got a 99% chance on exit ATI. I took Kaplan and only finished about 70% of the questions. My overall average was 71%, but I got 55% on a couple of the Qbank tests. Kaplan made me feel pretty dumb sometimes, especially after getting 90's throughout school. It's designed to be hard though, and I was told that everybody gets only 50% correct on NCLEX. I didn't do any of the other exam preps that you listed. If I were you, I would go over infection control, kaplan rules, and labs again. And it sounds like you will do just fine. :)


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did you have a lot SATA questions? How hard are they? I'm scare:(

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I had about 20, and I didn't think they were as hard as Kaplan SATA. I don't know if it's true or not, but I've heard that the more SATA you get, the better you're doing. Everybody I know who passed with 75 had 15-20 SATA. I was happy whenever I got a SATA. I just treated each answer choice as a T/F and a lot of them seemed pretty obvious to me.


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NLCEX sata questions are nothing like the kaplan or any other reviews. the actual test is simple and to the point. do not fear them

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