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Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam 2020

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Hi guys! I'm applying for NAU Yuma's nursing program and the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam is used for this school. I just took the Kaplan test yesterday and I did not do very well on the science and writing portions. Since I did not reach the minimum score for science (65%), I have to apply again for the next cycle.

Overall score: 79%

Reading: 91&

Math: 89%

Writing: 71%

Science: 60%

I want to list some topics that I remember from the test to help out future students, especially since there's not a lot of info out there. First of all, I thought only anatomy and physiology would be on the science portion, but it was not the only field of science.


  • Main point of a passage
  • Interpretation of author's meaning
  • If certain words were appropriate for a passage


  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Roman numerals
  • Percentages
  • Flow rate (very general)
  • Adding/subtracting
  • Operations


  • Mechanisms of writing
  • Subject verb agreement
  • Subject object agreement
  • Commas
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling (fairly easy)
  • Adding/deleting sentences into/from a passage


  • Know all the body systems
  • Know details of cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, immune and renal systems
  • Blood flow through heart
  • Airflow & gaseous exchange in lungs
  • Pumping action of lungs
  • Nephrons in kidneys
  • Puncture wounds (which type of immune cell phagocytizes foreign microbes in a puncture wound?)
  • Basic biology
  • Taxonomy
  • Prokaryotic/eukaryotic
  • Meiosis/Mitosis
  • Acid-base reactions & its products
  • Aging (super broad like is the taste sense the first sense to go?)
  • Symptoms of gout
  • Symptoms of asthma

I am very disappointed in the lack of clarity of what was going to be on this test, especially with the science portion. I think Kaplan needs to be more transparent about which fields of science will be on the test.


If there are other topics that I haven't included, please let me know! Thanks guys and good luck!

Hello Fallynr,

I just want to say thank you so much for the information. I really appreciated the post as I am taking the Kaplan in just under two weeks. I am on the Flagstaff campus applying for Flagstaff and Tucson as my second choice. This is the thing that has gotten me frustrated these couple days, my friend took the Kaplan yesterday and he also described the test as similar to yours. The frustrating thing is that every place I have searched for information about the Kaplan says that there is ONLY physiology. All the Youtube videos and allnurses forums say this. I can't even imagine the frustration you endured when you saw questions other than physiology on that test :/. I agree with you, Kaplan needs to be more transparent about what is on the science portion. Even the Kaplan website itself provides no information of their own admissions test, rather they have practice tests on their website for every other test imaginable LOL At this point it honestly seems kinda sketchy LOL. But again, thank you so much for the information, it is very much appreciated!


Specializes in BS in Microbiolgy & Animal Science.

Hey Hangu,

Good luck on your Kaplan test! I hope this information has helped. Remember to review Roman numerals as well (got me in the math section) I'm going to create a study guide for students so if there's anything you remember after the test, please let me know! Thanks and good luck!


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