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I am a nurse ed. student at Kaplan University and I am trying to secure a preceptor for practicum. Is anyone familiar with the practicum requirements for Kaplan and what is supposed to happen during those 200 hours? I know this is a strange question, but Kaplan really isn't clear on it at this point. I know I have a major teaching project that I must complete, but that is all I know. As I have been searching for a preceptor, I had a discussion with one that said the students she has precepted for in the past for other schools require the preceptor to supervise and advise the student on the project and that was her only duty. I guess I am looking for clarification of what those 20 weeks are going to entail.

I have been pleased with the education I have received from Kaplan up to this point, but this securing of a preceptor has got me in a fit! It is hard to explain to potential preceptors when you don't really know the program yourself. Any guidance would be appreciated!

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Can you get further clarification from the school? It shouldn't be a mystery at this point. The program I did had a preceptor handbook and all the requisite paperwork and requirements readily available.

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Agree, you need to pin down the school as to what is expected.