Kaplan Nclex Nov. 2014



I was debating on taking either the kaplan course or the hurst review.

I did 7 kaplan tests already as well as saunders comprehensive review and mosby's.

My main question is kaplan qbank the same or repeat of the 7 qtrainer exams?

If not where can I find really tricky upper level questions that mess with your brain and make you want to pick out your hair?

I still believe content is the way to go, but not sure which review would be more benfiting. I have read people saying kaplan tree was not that helpful. Hurst is more fun and sticks to you.

Also about meds on nclex. I just failed it 2nd time and feel really overwhelmed, end of the world kind of feeling. The meds were given as generic name only and no brand name. Example they gave was nalxone and I like to see it as narcan. They also gave sertraline but I remembered only zoloft, but I had an idea that this was a psych med. I don't know what they did but not sure if they made it harder.

Also which one from the 2 really helps you tackle the questions?

Any tips would be great. I am not sure where to begin reviewing. I am listening to Feuer audio cds as that I did not do previously.

Any advice would be great.


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You can purchase nclex mastery app on the phone! i liked the idea how each section separated! I am doing hurst content my exams less than 3 weeks doing Kaplan 7 trainers with diagnostic test and hurst questions with PDA I am not really focusing on Meds except what's in the questions! My friends who passed never focused on meds! Good luck!!