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Hi. Im new on this forum but have been reading the different stories for most of my nursing school career. I am now taking Kaplan on demand and am kinda lost on what to do. I have taken the diagnostic test and Qtrainers 1-3. My scores are not that great and its making me nervous. Im not sure what exactly I should do next. I have trouble sitting through the long videos and keeping my attention the whole time. I have the Kaplan book, Saunders, Kaplan Stratedgy book, LaCharity. I just dont understand when I should take my other Qtrainers and when I should take my Readiness test.

Scores: Diagnostic 60%, Q1 49%, Q2 55%, Q 54%

Help is always welcome! Thanks!

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If you are overwhelmed with studying in this way...you may want to try another approach to supplement the Kaplan program. If you have test anxiety it will interfere with the higher level part of your brain and you may not be able to access the information you need. Does the Kaplan site have a forum where you can talk to other students taking the same review course? That would be the first place to start.

Hi! I did Kaplan in person, but did you watch the decision tree video? you may start there, it starts by giving you strategies to take the question withs and using it helps! also, the 1st 3 question trainers are only knowledge based questions, not the kind that will be on nclex...question trainer 4, 5, 6 & 7 are the application type. I don't know if you are watching the content videos or the classroom question videos, but i sis all of the questions in an actual class so i don't have much advice on them except just try to answer them because they do help! I watched all of the content videos which was very boring and I had a hard time staying focused, but I just did one or two at a time and if I was really comfortable with the info I kinda skipped through it.

As for when to take the question trainers, if you go to my assignments and go under getting started they have schedules on when to take them depending on how far out your test date is :-) I pretty much followed that for myself and i'm testing tommorrow :-/ Good luck and I hope this helps!

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