Kaplan harder than NCLEX? side question, ATI --


How does the Kaplan-based questions compare with actual NCLEX? Bonus: If you've taken ATI, how does ATI compare as well?


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I took ATI through school and Kaplan on my own but haven't taken NCLEX yet. Kaplan is harder than ATI, the rationales are more in depth and there are a ton more questions.


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I think that I would probably say that ATI is a LITTLE easier than Kaplan, and Kaplan (to me) was pretty close to the NCLEX.

Just remember that MOST people when they take the NCLEX feel like it's really hard and that they are doing poorly and walk away feeling like they failed. As I was taking it, I thought for sure that I failed b/c I thought it was hard, but I passed in 75Qs. But I studied with Kaplan and I really believe that if you are doing well w/ those scores, you will be ok for the NCLEX.


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*MY* Nclex was between kaplan and NCBSN. The harder questions were pretty much just like NCBSNs, the kind that you have a mild headache when you finish lol. ATI was substantially easier I felt.

NCBSNs questions generally required a very high level of understanding and analysis, with very few "gimmies". My nclex had no gimmies lol. I did like 7500 questions using hurst, prep u, kaplan premier book, ohmans book, nclex 3500, and ncbsn. If I can help ya any further let me know.

Good luck :)


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Kaplan was harder than NCLEX. I was not a fan of ATI because I felt it was too basic. Pure content. Where Kaplan is content and critical thinking.