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Kaplan, ATI, Virtual ATI, UWorld, Hurst Scores & Passing NCLEX in 75 Qs 1st Time


I took my NCLEX last Friday (1/27/17) and got 75 questions. I was a wreck until I got my quick results today which were PASS. I also did the PVT Friday and it gave me the good pop up so it seems to give positive results. However, that is not what this is about. When I was doing my reviews to prep for the NCLEX I found myself looking up how my scores compared with others that had passed the first time and I told myself I would post all my scores from the four, yes four reviews I did. I figured by listing what my scores were it will give people piece of mind and confidence before they walk in to take the dreaded NCLEX. I completed three of the virtual ATI tests while in my last semester as well as the two ATI predictors. I completed the Kaplan review, last part of Virtual ATI with 2013 predictor, the Hurst review, & UWorld from January 4th to January 25th. I took Saturday's off and I didn't study the 26th and took my test at 8am the 27th. You also have to remember that getting above 50% is a great indicator you will pass, above 60% is almost a guarantee your going to pass, and above 70% you have nothing to worry about. Also make sure you know fully how the NCLEX CAT works. A lot of people go in to the test thinking they have to get about a 70% to pass just like in school. All you need to do is get 50% of your questions correct that are considered higher level question or above the pass line. You want application and analyze Qs not content and understanding Qs. Please google "NCLEX CAT explanation" and you should be able to find a utube video that explains it. Kaplan does a great job explaining it. So, below you will find my Kaplan scores, Virtual ATI scores, UWorld scores, and Hurst scores.

Kaplan: I loved this review. All the practice Qs are above pass line Qs so your not wasting your time on below the pass line Qs. The decision tree took a little getting use to but I found that I would automatically go through the steps after a while. Questions were very similar to NCLEX.


Q Trainer 1-48%

Q Trainer 2-57%

Q Trainer 3-didn't do

Session 7 Practice Test-63%

Q Trainer 4-57%

Q Trainer 5-73%

Q Trainer 6-54%

Q Trainer 7-61%

NCLEX Sample Test 1-54%

NCLEX Sample Test 2-56%

Who do you see 1st-83%

Alternate Formate-38% (this is normal so don't freak out)

Readiness-64%-Do roughly one week before NCLEX.

ATI: We were forced to do ATI through our whole program so it was good to see that I was highly predicted to pass the first time. Questions were also so-so to NCLEX.

RN Comprehensive Predictor 2016-67.3% (86% pass 1st time)

RN Comprehensive Predictor 2016 Retake-78.7% (98% pass 1st time)

Virtual ATI: I liked this review because they guaranteed you to pass the first time if you achieved the Green Light at the end which I did and it also gave me a high predicted pass rate. Questions were better in Virtual than in the regular ATI and were similar to NCLEX.

RN VATI Fundamentals 2013-66.7%

RN VATI Pharm 2016-65%

RN VATI Adult Med 2016-Surg-60%

RN VATI Maternal Newborn 2016-65%

RN VATI Care of Children 2016-60%

RN VATI Mental Health 2016-71.7%

RN VATI Leadership 2016-75%

RN Comprehensive Online Practice 2016 B-76.7%

VATI RN Comprehensive Predictor 2013-72.7% (95% pass 1st time)

UWorld: Questions were very similar to NCLEX.

Q Bank (400 Qs)-56% (68% pass rate) (This score includes questions from when I first started which are obviously going to be low)

Simulation Test/Practice Test-61% (83% pass rate)-Do roughly one week before NCLEX.

Hurst: I liked the Hurst review because it gave a good comprehensive review of content but I hated their Q Bank. I found that they contradicted Kaplan, ATI, and UWorld so I only did the first Q Review.

Q Review 1-49% (61/125)

Q Review 2-6 I didn't do

After talking to others the last few days who took it and passed with 75 Qs my major suggestion is think through each Q. This is not a content/knowledge test. There are no black and white answers. I think when you realize that you will do awesome. I did Virtual ATI, completed Kaplan, went to the Hurst review, and did Uworld. The only thing that can prepare you for this test is doing practice Q after practice Q and learning how to think through the question and not about the Q. Do not do anymore than 50-75 Qs at a time or take breaks on the longer practice tests in Kaplan. Do at least 250 Qs a day. Make sure you review WHY the answer is what it is and not WHAT the answer is. Last thing, the day before the test DO NOT study. This went against everything I've ever done but the reality is you can not study answers for this test. You can only practice using logic and reason to answer these Qs. Good luck everyone and I hope this helps.

Quick question, are you allowed to have scratch paper and pencil during the nclex?

AngelKissed857 said:
Quick question, are you allowed to have scratch paper and pencil during the nclex?

From what I understand, you get a whiteboard and dry erase marker and they give you a new whiteboard once you fill up the current one--and no erasing, supposedly.

I'm glad someone else feels the same way about hurst review tests as me! i was getting very discouraged that a lot of their answers contradicted what i learned in school and on ATI (which my school thought was the holy grail). I take my test so soon (2/8) i'm freaking out! do you have any last minute suggestions on things to review/look over!

thanks so much and congrats to you!

Hi, When you took your ATI 2016 Term Predictor the 2nd time, was it anything like the first? Were there any repeat questions?? I failed with a 67% (pass for me was 74%) and have to retest in about two weeks. Thank you so much for the help!!!!!!