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I recently graduated from nursing school at the beginning of this month. Our last semester we spent most of our time answering practice questions through programs such as Prep U and ATI for assignments. I decided that Kaplan was the prep course that I was going to take to prepare myself for the NCLEX. I've also been taking practice exams on Prep U (this program says I'm comparable to the students who pass the NCLEX first time), as well as the Lipincott RN NCLEX Mastery app (which has allowed me to feel pretty confident because I do well) I've taken almost 1,000 practice questions on this app alone.

If anyone is familiar with Kaplan, I have started the first phase of prep work before my 3 days of class next week. I have done some questions from the Qbank, the diagnostic exam, and the first CAT. My scores aren't super high. I got a 62% on my diagnostic exam, and have ranged around the high 50's for my question trainers except I got a 46% on the last question trainer that I took :/. Kaplan has kinda blown some of my confidence for the NCLEX.

Is there any tips, tricks, or advice on what I can do to better prepare for the exam? Did anyone have a similar experience with Kaplan?

Thank you in advance :)

Our class was required to take the Kaplan course after graduation. Our Kaplan instructor assured us that it is totally normal to get those scores on the first trainers. Your ultimate goal is to get a 60-65% on the last Kaplan exam (after the in class course, after you complete all the sessions on your own after the class).

Just make sure to remediate all your trainers. You actually scored high for the diagnostic test, that is great!

Thank you for the reply Andrea! I thought I had my account set up to receive notifications! I took the NCLEX Monday and found out today that I passed! As I got to the Qbank questions that I purchased with Kaplan, my scores were improving and I was feeling better about my performance!

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