KU med or Truman?

  1. There is a super strong possibility of my husband and I relocating to the KC area next year.

    I am currently an RN working in NICU and want to stay in the NICU (if I can find an open position).

    For those of you who know the area well.....do you like working for Truman or KU Med? I want to stay in a teaching hospital (I currently work in one and LOVE the environment).

    We are planning on living in the Johnson Co Area.
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  3. by   erin.rankin
    Hmm. That's a tough one really as they are both good teaching hospitals. My sister worked for KU and didn't seem to care for the way employees were treated (at least in her experience). My other sister is doing her clinicals at Truman and says there is a lot of diversity and plenty of teaching and hands-on. So its a toss up. I would say you would be happy at either place, but I'm sure that doesn't really help you make up your mind. :-) Good luck, and welcome to KC!!
  4. by   MKS8806
    Well, I'll try to stay away from my bias, as I am a KU grad But, honestly, I would look into Children's Mercy if you are looking in that area. That would be better than either!!