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  1. I am in iraq right now and i am getting ready to get out of the army in april 06 and i want to go to school for nursing but everywhere i look all i see in RN to BSN or LPN to RN and i can't seem to find anything telling me where i can get my LPN and I am going to be in Kansas so if anyone can help please...
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    The LPN schools recognized by the Kansas Board of Nursing are the following:

    Barton Co. Community College in Great Bend
    Brown Mackie College in Saline
    Butler Community College in El Dorado
    Cloud County Community College in Concordia
    North Central Kansas Technical College in Beloit
    Colby Community College in Colby
    Dodge City Community College in Dodge City
    Flint Hills Technical College in Emporia
    Garden City Community College in Garden City
    Hutchinson Community College in McPherson
    Johnson County Community College/Area Vocational School in Merriam
    Kansas City Kansas Area Technical School in Kansas City
    Kaw Area Technical School in Topeka
    Labette Community College in Parsons
    Manhattan Area Technical College in Manhattan
    Neosho County Community College (Mary Grimes School of Nursing) in Chanute

    You can get more specific contact information about the schools by going to the Kansas Board of Nursing web site (http://www.ksbn.org/). Click on "Education Division" in the box on the left side of their home page. Scroll down the page that comes up to the section "Other Educational Information" and click on the PDF link next to "Nursing school listings". A PDF file comes up and it lists all the Board approved Kansas Nursing programs starting with bachelor degree programs, then AA programs and finally Practical Nursing Programs (LPN). You will need to contact the individual schools to find out what their admissions requirements are. This information should get you started. Good luck with your search.
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    thank you very much...i am going to look at the web site..
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