Fall 2016 Nursing School Applicants

  1. Are you applying to a nursing school for a Summer or a Fall 2016 start? It's that time of year where programs are getting together and selecting their next classes. Where did you apply? Have any questions? Keep us updated as you start to hear back!
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  3. by   anicole285
    Hello! I have applied to KU, UMKC, Saint Mary (Leavenworth), and MidAmerica Nazarene. I applied to the KU and Saint Marys traditional programs (2 years - starting in the fall) and I applied to UMKC and MidAmerica Nazarenes accelerated programs(starting in the fall also)! Any idea on when they make final decisions and reach out to us??

    sfrw when/where did you apply??
  4. by   sfrw
    That's awesome! I've applied to Saint Luke's, Saint Mary's, Research College, MidAmerica, and Baker. All traditional programs.

    I know most programs will contact us in the month of March with a few exceptions. Feeling really nervous and excited at the same time!
  5. by   messi1
    According to Saint Luke's "myAdmissions" page, I was admitted to their Fall 2016 class! I am waiting to hear back from KUMC in a couple of weeks and to get my official letter from Saint Luke's, and then I will have the decision to make! Sending good luck.
  6. by   sfrw
    Congratulations! I got accepted to Saint Mary's yesterday! Decisions decisions... How do you possibly know which school is the best for you? I'm stressing.
  7. by   messi1
    I'm still figuring that one out! I'll be taking another visit to each school to get a better feel of them and hopefully will have a better idea afterwards. Also, congratulations to you as well!
  8. by   sfrw
    Thanks! It's tough to find the time to visit all of the schools when they only give you two weeks to give them an answer and you're still waiting to hear from other programs.
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  9. by   KSRNBSN
    PS: Usually KUMC sends their acceptance letters out the week before spring break! Good luck!
  10. by   sfrw
    This week and next week letters go out! AHHHHHHHHH!
  11. by   sfrw
    Got into Baker and MidAmerica Nazarene today! I hope you all are getting good news as well!
  12. by   anicole285
    That's awesome!! Congrats!!! When did you submit your application to MNU through nursingCAS?
  13. by   sfrw
    I didn't send in my application to MNU through NursingCAS, I filled out a paper application and sent in paper versions of everything together in a file. I sent it probably the second week in January.
  14. by   nwdreaming
    Latecomer here...applied for Butler's ADN program - letters are supposed to go out early June so I still have a little wait. 🤗