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I know the Fall semester/quarters are comming up quickly for all of us, so I just wanted to say Good Luck to all of you! It's going to be a crazy semester for me! I don't start until Sept 2 and am looking forward to the fews weeks to lay around and catch up on my A&P from Spring. I hope everyone one who's starting their program this Fall has and a good one and everyone who still doing pre reqs, good luck to you too!

I have to say that I enjoy this board, so much positive. It's just too bad that the negative comes out at times, but that is expected with any job. Sometimes I feel like I get caught up in the drama, but who dosn't at times. We all need to keep our heads up and work hard and remember why we chose this career, good or bad!

So good luck everyone!:kiss


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Thanks! I just want to remind everyone to "brush up" on their drug calculations and maybe even read ahead in their texts to get just a little more prepared!

Good luck to all!

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I start Aug.18 and I'm terrified and excited. I just can't wait! I've already got my Exedrin and Tums so I'm ready to go. Good Luck everyone. I suggest these two purchases for everyone. :) Have a great semester! Angi

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