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Hi folks! :)

Fellow rural hospital nurse here! Decided to take on the role of the moderator to this forum. Did so because . . . heck. . . why not!?!

I work for a small, rural community hospital. I'm an ICU/CCU nurse here. Total beds for this hospital. . . oh it just keeps on getting smaller. . . . around 28 beds, now. The ICU/CCU has 5 beds. We're lucky if there's 3 patients admitted at a time. Just the other day we had FIVE patients! We were so excited! :chuckle

I love working here. One sure has to be flexible to work in such a small hospital. Just the other day, I started out on the med/surg floor with a three patient assignment, was "floated" down to the E.R. because they got really busy (it's the hospital's busiest department), and ended the night (I work nights) doing a PACU! :eek: Got to love it! :) And I do. . . love it! The night crew is very close. All eight of us nurses who work nights (two in the ICU, two on Med/surg, two on maternity, one in the E.R and one supervisor!) help each other out all the time. On special occasions, we all bring in some food and we feast! We have fun whenever we can. . . and can get get quite silly sometimes! ;)

Many times I wonder how such a small hospital as ours can keep open. But I plan on staying here until they lock the doors. And if the hospital closes, I might very well look for another position in another small, rural hospital like this one.

Please share your "Rural Nursing" stories. How big is YOUR hospital or health care facility?


Ted Fiebke - your new moderator. :)


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Hi Ted, and everyone else,

I actually typed a reply in the previous thread about the size of our CAH.

We have a total of 24 beds, 9 designated as Swing beds. We have a med-surg unit and a monitored bed unit (kind of like a stepdown from and ICU), a 2 bed ER, and a 2 room OR. We also have an attached LTC.

I love our rural setting, and have worked here for 15 years. There have been many changes in that time. Our average daily census including the Swing Beds is 7-8...when I first started here 15 years ago it was over 20.

Keeping up the skills of the staff, even with teleconferences is difficult, more because of the lack of experienced nurses. Attracting and keeping staff can be difficult (any suggestions would be welcome) we use to grow our own, but fewer locals are going into nursing.

Anyone want to move to the UP of Michigan on Lake Superior? :)


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Ted Have you ever checke dout any of the Australian Rural nursing associations and websites? We have a lot of information and support for rural nurses.


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Gwenith - No I haven't. But I will! Thanks! :)

ruralprn - Nice to meet you! Seems like we share the same concerns! Been to Michigan once. It's a lovely state! :)



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Hi Everyone,

I work in a rural hospital approximately 35 miles south of Buffalo, and I don't plan on leaving until they lock the doors either. We have 28 bed Med/Surg, 4 bed CCU/ICU, 7-bed ER, and OR. We no longer have Maternity. New ER built and opened in July of 2002. I work in the CCU, but also float to ER and Med/Surg. Work 1800-0630. Like you, our census goes up and down, however, we've been quite busy this year. Much busier than last year. I love where I work. The night crew is great. We always help each other, have lots of fun and laughs, and there's always somehting good to eat. Our Supervisors are great. They always pitch in to help when needed. Usually staff of eight plus ER doc. Our Docs. are really good too. As I said I love where I work. It's so nice to take care of the people in your community. You get to know them on a much more personal level as you see them outside of the hospital as well. I lived in Buffalo up until 8 years ago, and once we moved here, I would never consider going back. If something happened to this hospital, I too, would look for another rural hospital. Most all the staff is also from the surrounding areas. There are nights when I start out in CCU, then to Med/Surg or ER. I like doing different things and keeping busy for the most part. And you have the benefit of gaining experience in different departments.

Very seldom do I get called off.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying their jobs.




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It's me again. I also forgot to mention that we can monitor up to six telemetry patients on the Med/Surg floor.

Bye again,


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Where is your hospital? Do they need nurses? I live about 90 miles south of Buffalo in the southern tier, near Olean. I have worked at a rural hospital, but they no longer have an ICU or OR. I presently work as a home health nurse for a county agency. I was a supervisor in the small hospital where I worked and loved it. Thanks for any info.


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I sent you a PM this evening. If you have anymore questions, let me know. Sorry it took so long to get beck to you. I haven't been on since the last time. Take Care.

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